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UNFORTUNATELY the video's have been removed from YouTube. If anyone has another source please leave a comment here.

Today's Baren blog brings a short documentary (total running time about 20 minutes) depicting the best known work of the last master of ukiyoe - Ando Hiroshige (1797-1858). The documentary goes in depth into Hiroshige's artistic perspective and liberal artistic license.
Part 3 describes the effort put forth in 2001 to do a reprint of the complete series (actually 55 prints) using restored blocks carved in the 1950's. Interviews with printers Okuyama Yoshito and Tetsui Takayuki.

Visit http://www.hiroshige.org.uk/ for an in depth look at Hiroshige's work, including many variations on the Tokaido series, articles, a comprehensive bibliography and old photographs of the Tokaido stations.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Kawase Hasui 1950's video


Found this old movie clip from what looks like the 1950's and probably
created by the Watanabe Studio as propaganda. It starts famous artist Kawase Hasui and master carver Maeda Kentaro (printer's name not known). I looked at the Hasui galleries' at Hanga.com but could not identify this particular Hasui image. If anyone has more info or knows the title of this print please leave a comment.

The video takes you step-by-step in the making of a woodblock print. Small clip shows the covering of a baren and near the end how the printer quickly makes an adjustment to the kento. Unfortunately it looks like either the filming or the video copy was cut a bit short....anyway this is wonderful stuff not to be missed !!!

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Baren Ads & Ops
Welcome to the Baren Ads & Ops Newsletter
February 15, 2009 Volume I

Training Video

* In depth Moku Hanga DVD instructional video. This DVD is playable
on your computer or a video player attached to the TV. The
information and instructions shown on this professionally made DVD
is over an hour long and is second to none. It is the accumulation
of 18 years of hands on experience by Graham Scholes who has
created over 100 print images, carving 600 plates and printed
approximately 55 thousand sheets of Hosho Paper. Full details are
available at... http://www.woodblockart.ca/how-to/

* Nik Semenoff has produced a DVD - New Directions in Printmaking:
The Technical Side ·which contains the following:·-Toner in All
Media: General information on how toner can be used in print
media, Waterless Lithography: Explains how to use common caulking
silicone as the ink rejection surface on the plate, Toner in
Intaglio: How toner is used with photo intaglio plates and using
electro-etching for safer etching; Copper sulfate Mordant: Using
inexpensive copper sulfate and common salt to etch metal plates.
It can be converted to cupric chloride for etching copper plates.
Order on the Internet by using PayPal:


* Available to a Good Home for the Cost of Postage ·One 7.5” x 17”
“*Dragon Skin” (Maru Bake Hairsplitting Device)* from McClain’s,
unopened in plastic wrapper. The dimensions refer to the wood on
which the metal “skin” is mounted; the former is about 4” x 15”. I
have decided never to endure the clip-burn-scrap ordeal of
preparing brushes, so I have no use for this. US Mail is $8.00 in
the USA; not available to non-US folks, sorry.·AEleen Frisch

* *Letterpress and lead type* for sale. $300, a crating fee of $50,
plus shipping. Located in Magnolia Springs, Alabama near Mobile.
For more information and

* *Charles Brand 36” x 60” etching press* in excellent condition,
owned by a single owner (professional printer) for sale at
$10,000. Price includes 2 sets of blankets and assorted other
blankets.·Press has been well maintained and all
original parts are intact. Press is in small mid-Manhattan loft
building. Price does not include rigging, shipping. Contact: Deborah at
deborah@deborahwingsproul.com or 207.799.4097 home/studio 0r 207.272.9985 mobile

* *Cherry wood* Plank cherry excess! I ordered a bunch of solid
cherry boards and now I’m into a larger project for which I use
cherry plywood. It will be a while before I get to my cherry wood
and I thought maybe someone wants to try this delightful material
in the meantime. Stored in single digit humidity, clean, straight
boards. Cut, sanded smooth and ready to carve. Shipping additional.

Sizes approximate: 6 x 8 x 3/4 inches - $5
8 x 10 x 3/4 inches - $10
Uncut, unsanded planks, as is from the mill:
6 x 20+ inches - $15
8+ (10 max.) x 24+ inches - $25
Email 1000woodcuts@gmail.com for shipping estimate and/or to order


* *Intermediate Woodcut Printmaking Workshop with Maria Arango*

February 20-22, 2009, Red Barn Art Center Instructor: Maria Arango (2008 Artist-in-Residence) Members: $140 for both days Non-Members: $175 for both days Beatty Residents: $50 per day. Additional studio time: $25 per day

This workshop will cover the essentials of relief printmaking and introduce more advanced techniques. Instructor will demonstrate various techniques to achieve multi-color woodcuts, including puzzle woodcuts, reduction woodcuts and multi-block woodcuts. Participants will be encouraged to complete a multi-color project during the workshop. Participants of every level can be accommodated. In the spirit of printmaking tradition, participants will create a minimum of one small edition in order to exchange prints with every other participant and walk away with a beautiful collection.

Two full days of dedicated instruction from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. To reserve your space, send an email to goldwell@goldwellmuseum.org with the word WORKSHOP in the subject line. Lodging is available in nearby Beatty, lunch, a Friday night arrival dinner and all basic supplies will be provided. For more information call 702- 870-9946.

Artist Opportunities

Creatures Great and Small/ *open call* for art using animals
as metaph

October 23 - December 6, 2009
Postmark Deadline: April 1, 2009
Information: For entry form and additional information please contact Becky Atkinson, Director of University Galleries, (270) 809-6734, Becky Atkinson becky.atkinson@murraystate.edu, or www.murraystate.edu/artgallery


Ads & Ops published on the 15th of each month
Send your ad or opportunity request before the 13th to ads@barenforum.org
Newsletter coordinator: Mary Kuster mkuster@kusterart.com

Drive by Press

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Here is a group of video clips from two very creative guys. They travel to different campuses and other venues with their portable printing studio located in the back of a car.

Drive by Press portable studio from the back of a car !

The guys at Drive by Press share their 'unique' t-shirt making techniques.

For more info visit their website at http://drivebypress.org/home/about/

Helen Frankenthaller - Video portrait

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Video portrait by John Feldman of artist Helen Frankenthaler commissioned by Purchase College School of the Arts for the 2008 Nelson A. Rockerfeller awards.

Printmaking at Ohio State University

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Here is a two part documentary about printmaking at Ohio State University (OSU). There are candid interviews with students on such topics as printmaking as a career and printmaking's relevance in the digital age.

Part 1

Part 2

Japanese woodblock technique

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Here is a short video demonstrating the Japanese woodblock tecnique. The first 30 seconds or so are slow but then we see the traditional bench setup, tools and techniques.

Do not know who the craftsman is in the video but by the looks of the room I am guessing it was filmed at one of the Hanga studios in Japan that create Ukiyo-e reproductions and are open to the public.

Note the use of a small water bottle to keep the sharpening stone wet and the use of the left hand to guide the aisuki clearing knive. Also note that the carving and printing benches are set at opposite angles to improve technique and reduce effort.

Wood engraving - technique

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Wood engraver John Steins shows how he engraves an end-grain boxwood block with a graver and the aid of an engraver's pillow. Notice that the block is pushed into the cutting point of the graver rather than trying to shift your whole body.

Notice how the block is pushed into the point of the graver; one of the secrets of cutting a smooth curve or circle.

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