April 11, 2010

Daisy wood block

This is my first attempt at posting to the blog, hope it works???
I started carving a new block based on my dream. The subject, in my dream, was my daisy. So far I have done a pencil drawing directly on the block and carved the outline with my hanga knife. A small part has been carved away. At first I thought this block might splinter easily, it has given me no problem so far. This block is maple and has a lot of grain, hoping to get some of the grain to show in the print. I am planning to leave space at the top for pins, think I will try white line. Otherwise this will be a reduction print.

Daisy #1

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November 17, 2009

White Heron in Snow

For my latest print I wanted to include some of the traditional Japanese techniques. Here is the background block which will later be used for three more impressions. Note the traditional kento registration marks. Image size is about 3 X 9.5 inches.

The first color impression shows a very beautiful wood grain pattern
for the background color. The block is made of birch plywood and Japanese hosho was the paper selected for these prints.

The baren flattens out the paper in the color areas leaving behind whites areas with a light embossing (karazuri) effect. Actually what we are seeing is the natural thickness of the paper !

For the next impression I tried a "double" gradation (bokashi). Using the same background block as before a little pigment and paste was applied to both the top and bottom of the block. First I brushed in the gradation at the bottom of the image (pigment area on brush toward the bottom) then carefully turning the brush around (pigment area on the brush now towards top) I brushed on the gradation at the top. Proper brush alignment is key during gradation to keep the paste and pigment areas from messing up. The impression was then taken with the baren. Although not traditional the white cardboard pieces are used to keep the edges of the print smudge free, they flip out of the way while applying color to the block and then flip back in place just before placing the paper on the block.


Here is the before and after photo for the "double" bokashi.

Proofing for the desired amount of bokashi turned out to be as tricky as getting the same results on every print. Eventually I settled on one of the darker tones near the right of the photo. In case you are wondering the sharp metal tool in the photo was used to cleanup the small crevices from accumulated pigment.

A third and darker gradation was applied at the top of the image for additional contrast.

The key block was next and a black/blue tone was used for the branches, tree trunk and legs. Not happy with the original heron beak I had carved it was removed from the block and I went ahead printing what you see here.

Then the final color impression for a new beak and eye.

For the last impression no color was used. The still moist prints were placed back on the now dry background block and heavy embossing (kimedashi) was obtained by carefully pushing the paper into the carved out crevices (tree branches, trunk and heron body). The moist paper expands and takes the shape of the carved out area. The tools I used for pushing the paper were a popsicle stick and for tight spots the tip of a golf tee. This last photo shows the verso side of the print. Note the feather and wing pattern on the heron's body. As the paper dries the embossing remains.

Thanks for checking out my work.....Julio

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September 7, 2009

Daniel Kelly's "Highfire" 2008

Idaho born printmaker/painter Daniel Kelly resides in Kyoto Japan since the 1970's when he was a student of Tomikichiro Tokuriki. Back in the early days of "Baren" Daniel was a frequent contributor to our discussion group and now once again via Friends of Baren Forum on Facebook.

Using a mixture of old and new techniques in the making of this print Daniel shares the step-by-step process (woodblock, chine-colle). See the video of making "HIGHFIRE"

For more info visit Daniel's website at: http://www.danielkellystudio.com/

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July 9, 2007

Cervidae Arboreous

New woodcut reduction from Nathalie Roland
Cervidae Arboreous by Nathalie Roland
I printed these for the Tree Show at Giant Robot SF which opens this Saturday July 14th.
Image is 12" x 17.5" varied edition of 14
carved on scrap wood from my friend's candy shop construction.

1 color
2 colors
and the final color
3rd and final color

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March 15, 2007

New print for Nude Exchange

My print for Exchange #29
Here are some pics of one of my latest prints. It's a three-step reduction print carved on 3/4" birch-ply and printed in traditional Japanese style. I have included pics of the block at each step. Click on any of the images to see an enlargement.

Step #1 - Background Yellow color

Step #2 - Light skin tone

Step #3 - Dark skin tone

Final Image

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December 20, 2006

Happy Christmas with my first print

Merry Christmas everybody.
I thought I'd let the world see my first very modest little print, "Catching Snowflakes". 6.5 x 5cms. (So I think the image you can see below is about 4 times bigger!). I've had to fit it in around a busy work schedule, but it's gone out as a Christmas card to select friends and family, and via this blog, to all at Baren.

Only 3 blocks, black, blue and red/light pink.

Considering it's my first attempt at anything like this before, I'm quite pleased, and I've learnt far more by doing than I have by just reading, especially when it came to printing. I just want to get stuck into my next one now.

Merry Christmas everybody.

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March 23, 2006

Impression of Griebel in Schleswig Holstein, Northern Germany


Printed on Holland paper with Lawrence linseed oil inks cut on Cherry 25cmx12cm and based loosely on an original sketch at :

It takes too long to update my website. This system is much better ; that's if members are clicking on from the main Barenforum!

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February 9, 2006

Website Update

I am conscious of flooding the Latest Prints blog with my work, so I’ve updated my website instead.
My prints are all on :
Regards to you all,

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