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zyzzyva prints


just thought i would post the prints i recently got published in ZYZZYVA:a journal of west coast writers and artists, as i've been told from friends they are having a hard time finding it in book stores on the east coast. i hope you like them. brad

year of the dog

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so here is my print for the year of the dog exchange. they'll go in the mail tomorrow and will hopefully be in your homes soon! below is all 70 of them laid out drying!
best, brad

year of the dog (70!).JPG

April Vollmer - New Woodcuts at Crossroads Cafe


April Vollmer has photos up on her website of her current show at the Crossroads Cafe in Brooklyn, New York. Show runs December 3rd to January 3rd.

For more info and to view the photos of the Opening click here

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