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Desert Island Prints

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While carving this afternoon, I was listening to the (wonderful) iPlayer from the BBC in England, and enjoyed an episode of the very long-running program Desert Island Discs. You are probably familiar with the idea ... the host interviews a guest, who chooses ten records that he would take if he were to be stranded on a desert island. It's always an enjoyable listen, and each of the guests always has to explain just why these particular choices were made.

It occurred to me that we here on [Baren] could easily play the same game, so I'll give it a try - not with 10 prints, which would be a bit much, but with three. Here they are (images are clickable for enlargements):

Hiratsuka Unichi - Ancient Art Podcast

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Episode 27 explores the art and life of one of the most influential 20th century Japanese woodblock print artists, Hiratsuka Un'ichi, including prints recently on view at the Art Institute of Chicago. A pioneer of the early 20th century Japanese Creative Print movement (sosaku hanga), Hiratsuka is steeped in ancient Japanese spiritual and visual traditions, while strongly influenced by the evolving culture of early 20th century Japan. Discover how Hiratsuka Un'ichi broke the rules of the rigidly predefined role of woodblock carver and inspired a new generation of artists.

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