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Happy Christmas with my first print


Merry Christmas everybody.
I thought I'd let the world see my first very modest little print, "Catching Snowflakes". 6.5 x 5cms. (So I think the image you can see below is about 4 times bigger!). I've had to fit it in around a busy work schedule, but it's gone out as a Christmas card to select friends and family, and via this blog, to all at Baren.

Only 3 blocks, black, blue and red/light pink.

Considering it's my first attempt at anything like this before, I'm quite pleased, and I've learnt far more by doing than I have by just reading, especially when it came to printing. I just want to get stuck into my next one now.

Merry Christmas everybody.

[Baren] Xmas Message ...

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Every year we've got a new crop of members who haven't heard it, so once again the [Baren] Xmas Message is online!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Baren prints at Disneyland!


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