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Keizaburo Matsuzaki printer - the Art of Utamaro


Japanese woodblock printing 3 March 2010

In association with the exhibition Hymn to beauty: the art of Utamaro: printer Keizaburo Matsuzaki of Arakawa-ku, Tokyo creates reproductions of Utamaro's print designs over four days. The master printer has been featured many times on David Bull's website as he is one of David's friend & mentor.


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Blanche Lazzell (1878-1956)


Blanche Lazzell (1878-1956) one of the founders of the Provincetown movement of White-line printmaking.

Link here for extensive bio and artist background.

Blanche Lazzell, Commercial Street Studio, Provincetown.

"The Seine boat", 1927,(14" X 12")

"Sail boat", 1931, (12" X 14")

"Provincetown Backyards", 1926, (14" X 12")

Daisy wood block

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This is my first attempt at posting to the blog, hope it works???
I started carving a new block based on my dream. The subject, in my dream, was my daisy. So far I have done a pencil drawing directly on the block and carved the outline with my hanga knife. A small part has been carved away. At first I thought this block might splinter easily, it has given me no problem so far. This block is maple and has a lot of grain, hoping to get some of the grain to show in the print. I am planning to leave space at the top for pins, think I will try white line. Otherwise this will be a reduction print.

Daisy #1

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