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Carol Jessen prints at Chemers Gallery

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Here are some very nice images by artist Carol Jessen. For more info and links to Carol's work and Chemers gallery go here:

To go to Carol's website click here:



"The Papermakers" (left) and "Slick Tracks" (right)

"Edge of the Bamboo Forest"

thisis aa neww video test

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Julio printing in his undershirt....

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Carol Jessen prints

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Ukiyo-E printing on a Vandercook proofing press- a quick runthrough from Mark Herschede on Vimeo.


The papermakers

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Test Entry - Boots drops in

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Dave was flattening some paper the other day, when he ended up flattening something else!

Kyoto printmaker - Mamoru Ichimura

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Take a visit to the studio of printmaker Mamoru Ichimura and watch the printing of four postcard sized images all on one block. Part of "Japanese Journey", a 53 minute film made by Don Fairservice and Mitsue Nagashima during a tour of Japan. Music composed by Jean Hasse.

Ukiyoe-Printing using a Vandercook Press


Printmaker Mark Herschede:

"A brief runthrough of the process I'm using right now to make a bank of images using woodcuts. By using tools which are not normally associated with one another, I've been working towards experimenting with mixing processes. Currently I'm researching the technical aspects of printing water based, japanese style woodblock printing on a vandercook through testing and manipulation of the materials involved."
"It is my hope to be scoffed at by Japanese moku-hanga printers and letterpress typesetting nerds alike. Please! Feel free to insult my experiments! (Or offer constructive criticism ;-) )! Get angry at my usage of a type proving press to print 'cuts'; become enraged at my seemingly smashing attempts at printing lovingly hand-inked blocks!"

For more info on Mark's experiments visit the links below.

Ukiyo-E printing on a Vandercook proofing press- a quick runthrough from Mark Herschede on Vimeo.

Paul Binnie - latest print "Inazuma" (Lightning)

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From Blue Rim gallery in London:

Paul Binnie, May 2010, (New release)
Oban, 66 x 32 cm. Edition of 40.

'Inazuma' means Lightning, but is a literary term that brings ideas of fertilising the fields derived from ancient poetry. The large format of this print gives a dramatic feeling of the verticality of the bolt of lightning as it crackles between dark clouds and rain to earth.

Within the edition of 40, there are 14 different printings, including 3 printings of solid black overlaid to achieve a deep, opaque darkness in the heaviest clouds.

To see a vast collection of Paul Binnie's prints at Blue Rim Gallery visit this link.

Watch the making of "Samoan Skin". Working in the eStudio Editions studio printer Paul Smith with artist Dimitri Lihachov describe the process of making a "colloblock" print.

For more on the "colloblock" technique visit

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