December 4, 2009

Carving tools - video

Okay, so here's another video clip from my studio, this time is about the tools I use to carve wood blocks.

Note: You will see a small handcrafted box where I keep my tools after use and where I also save a few wood chips from every block carved. This is my way to pay respect to the wood.

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February 3, 2009

Wood engraving - technique

Wood engraver John Steins shows how he engraves an end-grain boxwood block with a graver and the aid of an engraver's pillow. Notice that the block is pushed into the cutting point of the graver rather than trying to shift your whole body.

Notice how the block is pushed into the point of the graver; one of the secrets of cutting a smooth curve or circle.

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August 23, 2006

cuttting lines

I am on day two of the Richard Steiner workshop that followed back to back with the summit. He has developed a new way to carve a straight line that is amazing...using an untraditional tool. I will try to get photos of it to post on the blog. We are using all shina to carve so if my block is not too hidiously carved I will post it as well. I am a fairly decent printer but have always had trouble carving. I am now using the flat chisel about 6mm that is beveled on one side, pushing it away from me on the outside of the line. Beveled side out and flat side to the line. Pushing the knife (chisel) with my right hand and guiding it with my left thumb or is amazing control. The problem I have alwasy had with the toh is pulling it toward me...I somehow have no control. This new way of carving has made a huge difference....and I can do fairly small lines with it. If your chisel is rounded, like most bull nosed chisels are, it will not work. It needs to be flat with sharp corners to work in this manner. I was pretty excited about this as most of my blocks are carved like a 2 year old did there is hope for us all. I am going to try to use the toh in this manner as well, but do see that it will be harder to use as one would almost have to hold it at a very odd angle to push it away...I will do some experimenting.

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