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Here are some photos of the Summit participants.What
a wonderful group of fun, witty, and enthusiastic
artistic people! It was wonderful getting to know
all of you a little bit. I wish I had more time to
spend with you all!


Le Green and Nancy Osadchuk

cuttting lines

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Parting shot...

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I found this sign across the bathroom door Saturday morning. It kind of sums the Summit. It was great and I can't wait to digest all hese new things I've learned and come to the next one - where ever it may

Cheers! Sharri

At the Gallery

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In the afternoon of the last day of the Summit, we took a short trip to visit the North Bank Gallery in Vancouver, WA. Here are a few photos for you.



Charles Morgan explaining some details of his print.

On Friday, August 18, Richard Steiner & his lovely wife came to the Summit and gave us all a lesson in how to properly tie a baren.


Richard and his lovely wife in Sharri's beautiful studio.


Richard softening and warming the bamboo sheath with warm water, a terry cloth towel and his breath.

Sharpening Demo

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Paul de Jode and Frank Trueba did a sharpening lesson for the Summiteers!


Paul shows how to carve with the U gouge.

Way too much Summit fun!

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Here's a few snaps of the action yesterday - The woman in blue is the
curator of prints and drawings at the museum, the second woman is our
lovely little docent, who did not misspeak too many times, and no one
jumped on her because we are civilized you know! And then we're all at
the brew pub drinking to that age old profession: printmaker!


2006 Summit Pix

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Hi Everyone!

I've managed to make it to Sharri's for 2 of the 4 days so far - everyone is SO busy visiting, sharing, and just plain having fun - they don't have much time to post on the Baren Blog. I spent yesterday visiting, sharing, & having fun - but I managed to remember to take some photos.

We wish all of you were here with us, but we are thinking of you, so you are here in our thoughts. I just wish you had sound with these pictures. There's a lot of laughing going on!


Pics from Summit2006 Exhibition


Exhibit by Summit 2006 attendees

Thanks Sharri for the pictures!

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Just a note to all Summit attendees! Please post on this Baren blog your stories and pictures. Barbara has the sign in and password.
Once you sign in, just click on Create a New Entry and you will be taken to the posting page where you can also post pictures.
Yeah! Let's hear about all the fun!
Here is a pic of the Baren Council in the last Summit in Kansas City.

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