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The San Francisco Asian Art Museum is having a wonderful exhibition of Japanese woodblock prints by Taiso Yoshitoshi (1839–1892). The show runs through September 2, 2007.
Yoshitoshi Print

Aloha Bareners

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Hello from San Francisco.
I've been following the forum for many years and I have just posted my first entry here. I've been printmaking since 1992 and have been focused on woodblock printing since 1997. I have a website called headphonerecord. Thank you all for being the fantastic community and resource you are.
Peace, love and woodchips,

Cervidae Arboreous


New woodcut reduction from Nathalie Roland
Cervidae Arboreous by Nathalie Roland
I printed these for the Tree Show at Giant Robot SF which opens this Saturday July 14th.
Image is 12" x 17.5" varied edition of 14
carved on scrap wood from my friend's candy shop construction.

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