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Volume #60 (July. '12 ~ Sept. '12 )

Member's blog (Lake Superior Prints)
Exchange 54 official open for signups, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Members' blogs (Annie B, Alynn Guerra, Against the Grain, Biwer-Stewart)
Link to artist-in-residence program in Japan, members' blogs (Andy English, Dave Bull, Alynn Guerra)
Question re artist-in-residence program in Japan, member's blog (Alynn Guerra)
Shina plywood vs birch, moldy paper problem with Barener suggestions for treating, cost of mi-lab program, member's blog (Dave Bull)...
Barener pleased with helping out fellow Barener by purchasing an exchange print, birch, mold, Post-Digital Printmaking book, member's blog (Lake Superior Prints)...
Tokyo exhibit not by amateurs, maple for carving, Exchange #54 signup in process and off to good start, update on mold from Andrew Stone...
Mold and wood, maple carves fine if tools are stropped often, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Linda Beeman)
Barener looking for Polymetaal press manufactured in Holland, wood and tools, mold, opportunity for a fellow Barener to catsit and use press while Melissa West vacations, spam apology from Carol Lyons, members' blogs (Annie B, Sharri LaPierre, Biwer-Stewart)...
Mold, Bareners help Georga with ideas re removing permanent marker from linoleum block, stropping, link to "Magic Eraser", member's blog (Dave Bull)...
Exchange #53 update, the benefits of stropping, concern re letting paper dry between printings for moku hanga
Letting paper dry before printing, solving marker-on-linoleum problem, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Lake Superior Woodblock Prints)
Year of the Dragon, question re Dave's wood, moku hanga workshop in Santa Monica in August...
Year of the Dragon addresses, member's blog (Andy English, Lake Superior Woodblock Prints)
Regarding dragon cards -- Andrew Stone changes address for the summer, Andrew thanks Larry for updates at Mi-Lab
Member's blogs (Dave Bull)
Garden sprayer for dampening paper, Exchange #54 update, question re printmaking paper in China, wall painters' flat brush, members' blogs (Annie B, Lake Superior Woodblock Prints)
Sprayers, blotters, Harry's latest prints...
Newsprint and transfer of ink, exchange prints for sale or barter, members' blogs (Diane Cutter, Elizabeth Busey)
Exchange #53 update from Lisa Toth, members' blogs (Annie B, Biwer-Stewart)
Comment on Annie's work
Member's blog (Dave Bull)
Harry French's "Tippo's Tiger", member's blog (Alynn Guerra)
Comments from Harry, old member returns, welcome...
Woodblock and printer, comments for Ray, congrats to Harry, removal of blog, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Alynn Guerra, Georgina, Biwer-Stewart)
Suggestion of glassine to use in ink jet printer, thanks for welcome from Ray, reminder re messages for Baren and Baren After Five, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Glassine iffy, blog tags...
Tags for blogs, welcome to Ray, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Members' blogs (Dave Bull, Sherrie York)
Harry's latest print, comment re Harry's print, member's blogs (Dave Bull)
McClains info on transfer paper, Exchange #53 deadline for prints received by coordinator is here, member's blogs (Dave Bull)...
Spam message arrives in Bareners mailboxes as though from fellow Barener, member's blogs (Dave Bull)...
Test message from Barener
Barener's test message got through according to Sharri, Theory: Olympics keep Bareners glued to TV and not Baren Forum, member's blogs (Dave Bull)
Marilynn Smith reports in, question re linking blogs to Baren
Member's blog (Annie B)
Exchange #54 update
Marilynn Smith encourages Bareners to sign up for Exchange #54
New Barener wishes to sign up for Exchange #54, Darrell posts link to Exchange #54 sign-up page, member's blog (Annie B)
Members' blogs (Andy English, Dave Bull)
Jerise away, member's blog (Alex Gillies)
Scrapped prints, member's blog (Elizabeth Busey)
Making paper from scrapped prints, member's blog (Alex Gillies)
Scrapped prints turned into paper will be only slightly grayed, ideas for scrapped prints
Interesting article on Frank Lloyd Wright's collection, Jan inspires re ruined prints/note cards, Exchange #50 online and comments about, make books from old prints, member's blog (Biwer-Stewart)
Exchange 50 gallery print info, iPhone and iPad cannot handle flash files, Andrew Tyzack sends Baren multiple messages re unsubscribing...
Redundant messages from Andrew Tyzack re unsubscribing
Andrew Tyzack auto-message about unsubscribing to Baren
Contact with Andrew Tyzack and on Baren re quitting Baren, "app for that" according to Maria, "Modern Japanese Prints" book, colophon for Exchange #50 updated, members' blogs (Ellen Shipley, Maria Arango, Dave Bull, Andrew Jagniecki)
Clear browser cache if Exchange #50 gallery link doesn't work, email frequency, digest vs individual messages, member's blog (Dave Bull)...
Masa paper for printing wood engraving, email frequency, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Sherrie York)...
Galleries page updated and Exchange #51 online, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Suggestion for Exchange #51 Gallery, thanks for tips, no time to volunteer, Clive suggests off-the-shelf mat sizes for exchange prints, question re older German wood cuts or engravings, member's blog (Ellen Shipley)
Changes coming to Baren, exchanges paper format discussed, member's blog (Linda Beeman)...
Displaying prints, why 30?, link to Bareners' prints at the Spencer Museum of Art (University of Kansas), lateness of exchanges, mats to fit Baren exchange prints, Maria announces new Baren...
Concern re revised Baren website and forum, meaning of "Chromoxylography", Maria explains Baren changes and why, Baren-Suji revival, member's blog (Sherrie York)
New member intro: Janel Warmington, Spencer Baren prints, avoidance of standard sizes, Baren-Suji revitalized, individual Barener blogs to be moved as links in sidebar of Baren's revitalized Baren-Suji blog on blogspot, Julio corrects Baren Exchanges history...
Eileen has reservations re signing up for new Baren, Bareners help Eileen, Maria explains via story pros and cons of change, links for joining new Baren, more on new Baren, loaner kit idea for brushes...
Loaner brushes, dollar store frames, according to Barener -- small Chinese stencil brushes can work for moku hanga, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Sherrie York, Elizabeth Busey, Biwer-Stewart)
More on loaner idea for brushes, member's blog (Sherrie York)
New Baren-Suji blog up and running on Blogger, member's blog (Maria)
Baren Forum in the process of moving to Yahoo, members' blogs (Maria, Dave Bull, Alex Gillies)
Dave's success extolled by Barbara, catch the train to Yahoo, trouble with sign-up on Baren Yahoo, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Sharri LaPierre)
Problems with new Yahoo group, Jurgen offers help, Oscar Bearinger offers explanation for change to Yahoo, Julio adds some of his prints to new groups page, Reminder from Maria, member's blog (Ellen Shipley)
Suggestion for new Baren Yahoo Group, cybernetic age, check settings, Baren-Suji blog update, new digest problems, encouragement...

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