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Members' Administration Area

(Quick links to web pages for handling various administrative matters)


Contacting the managers:

Use this form to contact group managers ...

The [Baren] Blog:

Our new blog is available for members to post prints, etc. ...

Posting messages:

Messages can be posted to the main [Baren] forum from here (members' password needed).

Messages can be posted to 'After Five' from a web page here (members' password needed).

'Baren-Suji' newsletter:

The most recent 'Baren-Suji' newsletter is here.

Changes to your newsletter subscription can be done here.

Message Board:

Messages for other members can be posted to a message board here.

Exchange program:

Exchange program explanation page and yearly schedule is here.

Subscribing/Unsubscribing to [Baren]:

Joining or leaving the forum can be done here.


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