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Volume #59 (Apr. '12 ~ Jun '12 )

Exchange #53 sign-ups now OPEN, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Members blogs (Sherrie York, Maria)
Members' blogs (Andrew Stone, Maria)
Member's blog (Maria)
Link to relief print competition in Poland, member's blog (Maria)
Marilynn's city block inspiration, Guadalupe Victorica comments on puzzle print blocks, some of Gielniak works on Olek's blog, members' blogs (Elizabeth Busey, Andrew Jaggniecki)
Margaret Chaney appreciates Gielniak prints, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Maria)
Link to Mauricio Lasansky article, Barbara posts a link to Lasansky on YouTube, members' blogs (David Bull, Maria)
Tyrus Clutter indirectly influenced by Lasansky through printmaking program at BGSU, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Problem receiving Baren, Barener desires to change digest from old version to new, Barbara gives posting help, member's blog (Maria)
Google art project, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Annie B, Ellen Shipley, Maria, Elizabeth Busey, Andrew Jagniecki)
Sudden passing of Barener Charles Kroon, Members' blogs (Dave Bull, Linda Beeman, Lori Biwer-Stewart)
Condolences from Baren re Charles Kroon, comments regarding puzzle print update, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Maria)
Comments re Portland "marathon printing", member's blog (Dave Bull)
City of the World "printing marathon" comments, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Bea Gold comments on City of the World final printing, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Maria)
Baren digest accidentally forwarded, congrats to Maria and printmaking team, question and answer re copyright on collaborative art, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Maria)
City of the World print party, copyright of the city, print party afterthoughts from Maria, storing prints, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Maria)
Looking for Gretchen, storing prints, Gretchen found, congrats City of the World project, member's blogs (Dave Bull)
City of the World report from Doug Haug, savoring stored prints, dragon addresses
Member's blog (Sherrie York)
Members' blogs (Dave Bull, Dan Dew)
Book Arts Fair in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, new work by Harry French, Louise Cass dragon print, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Andrew Jagniecki)
Response to Andrew's blog entry, success with Rives Heavyweight paper, Canson paper as less expensive and "excellent" substitute for Mulberry Hosho, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Annie B)
Update for Exchanges #52 and #53, small prints, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Marilynn encourages Bareners to sign up for exchange #53, Jeff from New Mexico receives help signing up for exchange, hand-printing engraving, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Exchanges, dragons in the mail, western papers for moku hanga, exchanges, Guadalupe signs up, City of the World arriving, Maria's wood-button baren, Wayzgoose report, member's blog (Maria)
Oscar Bearinger on Wayzgoose Book Arts Festivals, member's blog (Linda Beeman)
City of the World appreciation, exchanges, update to City of the World pages, member's blog (Maria)
Coordinator from Exchange #50 needs to contact participant, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Annie B, Pistoles Press, Sherrie York, Biwer-Stewart)
Exchange #53 update, City of the World arrives, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Annie B)
Members' blogs (Dave Bull, Elizabeth Busey)
City of the World prints have arrived in Dorset UK, member's blog (David Bull)
Question re outside-of-Baren (Leftovers III exchange), member's blog (David Bull)
Member's blog (Andrew Jagniecki)
Leftovers III exchange, members' blogs (Annie B, Andrew Stone, Maria)
Member's blog (David Bull)
Halos appear around printed areas when using Akua Intaglio Inks on Japanese paper, Grosvenor School of Linocuts, Brad Robinson's Year of the Rabbit card, member's blog (David Bull)
Grosvenor School of Linocuts, halos and Japanese paper with Akua Intaglio ink, City of the World prints, welcome to Bonnie Baker, coupon code for ordering City of the World book, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Another opportunity to raise money through Baren's Japan Relief prints
Barbara will send two sets of Japan Relief prints to Jennifer Martindale for upcoming fundraiser, Barbara looking for more fundraising ideas for remaining prints
Barbara Mason's recent "15 minutes fame", her working being shown in the Oregon Governor's office May 4 - July 18, update on Japan relief prints as well as request for info as to how many were sold, member's blog (Dave Bull)...
Carol Lyons report re tsunami relief prints, link to Paulann's poems, link re show at Minnesota Center for Book Arts, update on funds sent to charity re tsunami relief project, powdered pigment, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Annie B)
Lana Lambert's method for preparing powdered pigments, problems with receiving digest, Maria needs paper, problem with contacting Barbara, gum arabic for mixing powdered pigment and red earth pigment picked up from road during trip, members' blogs (Annie B, Maria)
Lynita Shimizu's method for preparing powdered pigments, mail problems, D.C. woodcut demo, desert pigment, end grain printing...
Printing on uneven endcut wood, nature printing, thanks for replies re mixing dry pigments, member's blogs (Dave Bull)
Nature prints, wood not cut parallel, question and some answers related to making and printing a letterboxing stamp...
Uneven wood for engraving and printing, link to rare book find, Huan Pine from Tasmania, Maria explains her half-way jest re desert art-venture, mould-made paper most durable/ancient books made with vellum, Jan's method for mixing with powdered pigments, member blogs (Dave Bull)...
Rubber stamps, Australian wood, link to class on early English style of bookbinding, book press for printing, warning re postage/orientation/"packaging" of "year of the..." postcards, member's blog (Dave Bull)...
Using E-Z Cut for making chop, Monica's dragons on their way, Jennifer Martindale's print accepted for exhibition at Cornwall, members' blogs (David Bull, Andrew Stone)...
Demonstrations by Keiji Shinohara as well as Hokusai's work on display at Sackler Museum, Barener selling tools on eBay, kites and prints, member's blog (Elizabeth Busey)
Australian wood, member's blogs (David Bull)
Member's blog (David Bull)
Marilynn Smith needs to drop of out of next exchange, member's blog (David Bull)
Spam post sneaks onto Baren and Bareners discuss this particular tactic used by advertisers, Marilynn Smith thanks Bareners for private messages of encouragement, Lynd Ward film, members' blogs (Sherrie York and David Bull)
Message from Jerelee to Marilynn Smith, Lynd Ward film, stencils, (members' blogs (Andrew Stone, Linda Beeman)...
Stencils, members' blogs (Pistoles Press, Elizabeth Busey)
Stencils, Exchange #53 participant email bouncing, artwork as personal therapy during trying times, members' blogs (Ellen Shipley, David Bull, Andrew Stone)...
Comment on Marilynn's post, white line printing, stencils, member's blog (Pistoles Press)
Iwano Paper Factory, members' blog (David Bull, Annie Bissett)...
City of the World book, members' blogs (David Bull, "Against the Grain")...
Spam deleted, member's blog (Sharri LaPierre)
Comment re Sharri Lapierre's blog post, alcohol for dry pigments, member's blog (Sherrie York)
Link to sign-up for Mini Print Exhibition, Barener's brother has original Hiroshige and Goyo prints -- needs info re worth, Mike suggests Jerry Vader, Graham suggests museum gallery for info
Members' blogs (Dave Bull, Sharri LaPierre, Andrew Stone)
Member's blog (Pistoles Press)
Comments re Exchange #52, member's blogs (Dave Bull)
Members' blogs (Dave Bull, Linda Beeman, Sherrie York)
Exchange #53 update, Barener needs glue recommendation, member's blog (Dave Bull)...
New member Krista Soderholm with print registration problems, Yes paste, registration board, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Annie B)
Gluing paper onto MDF panels, discussion on "Yes" paste -- is it archival?, outside-of-Baren solstice exchange, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Appreciation for Dave Bull's blog entry, Yes paste, correction re outside-of-Baren solstice exchange announcement, members' blogs (Alynn Guerra, Amanda Gordon Miller, Andrew Jagniecki)
YES paste, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Harry French's prints update, starch-making, member's blog (Dave Bull)...
Comment re Harry French's prints, "be like Mike", new member welcome, member's blog (Dave Bull)...
Mike weighs in on Maria's "be like Mike" post, member's blog (Sherrie York)
Member's blog (Dave Bull)
"Being like Mike Lyon", members' blogs (Dave Bull, Andrew Stone, Sherrie York)
Condolences for Marilynn Smith, member's blog (Lake Superior Prints)
More condolences, member's blog (Mark Mason)
Condolences, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Condolences, members' blogs (Against the Grain, Elizabeth Busey, Lake Superior Prints)
An opportunity to be of help to fellow Barener
Exchange #53 sign-up July 1, opportunity to help Graphic Chemical win small business grant, moku hanga vs "woodcut" query, members' blogs (David Bull, Lake Superior Woodblock Prints)
Answers to "What is moku hanga", Mike Lyon's techniques featured in new book titled"Post-Digital Printmaking, Dave's webcam, members' blogs (Andy English, Dave Bull, Sherrie York)...
Congrats to Mike, moku hanga exchange regret from Linda Beeman...
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