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Volume #58 (Jan. '12 ~ Mar. '12 )

The peacefulness of moku hanga, new member suggests "be up front" with technique being used, preparing images, members' blogs...
Art made by hand and art made with use of mechanical deviceas, making time to sketch, problems carving text, exchange #52 signup begins, member's blog...
Innovations, new member (Sue Kallaugher) intro, iPad for sketching, tools, types of wood and their properties for carving, problems with poplar...
What if the sphinx were made of bubble gum, iPad/iPhone art, members' blogs...
In defense of David Hockney, Exchange #52, lightbox, members' blogs...
Question re storing blocks, link to "Ink and Paper", boxwood...
Bareners discuss what's to become of their prints after they are gone, preparing blocks for sale, "Upcycled Art" exhibition opportunity...
Bareners continue discussion re where their work will go after they die ...
More on discussion re distribution of artists' work after their death, storing blocks, paper birch used for printing, members' blogs...
Printing on birch bark, printmaking in Mexico, storing blocks, newbie question re printing multiple blocks...
Controlling moisture in paper when needing to abandon project temporarily, birch paper/engravings, New Years exchange still open for signups, Andrew Stone receives Exchange #50, new member intro...
Guadalupe receives Exchane #50 prints, paper birch trees, "Books, Boxes, and Wraps", New Years Card signup suggestion, members' blogs...
Science of birch bark and care in removing it, member's blog
Northern Ontario, Lynita Shimizu new featured artist on the McClain's web page, members' blogs...
Lynita Shimizu prints to be exhibited at the University of Connecticut, reasons for moistening paper, members' blogs...
April Vollmer looking for baren-covering services, more on reasons for dampening paper, edition ethics, dragon add-on, new address, explanation of 2012 dragon, members' blogs...
Zodiac exchange, dampening, members' blogs...
Using prints to convey nature conservation message, one more day for Year of Dragon signup, update Tsunami fundraiser, members' blogs...
Sizing suggestion, Linda Beeman's work in "Women with a(rt) Purpose" show in Michigan, member's blog...
Best style of calligraphy in woodcuts, font invented by Hasegawa, members' blogs...
Calligraphy, sizing in a pinch, members' blogs...
Advice re why oil based ink slow to dry on print, member's blog...
Blended blue and green, how oil based ink dries, why slip sheets, members' blogs...
Fake roll, members' blogs
Members' blogs
Year of Dragon inquiry, members' blogs
Dragon exchange late signup, sizing question, members' blogs...
Sizing plea, new member website, dragons and rabbits inquiry and thanks, members' blogs...
Dragon exchange, Robert Arnold's website, link to sizing instructions on Baren encyclopedia, Exchange #50, member's blog (Maria -- puzzle blocks)...
Exchange print details, Water Dragon, Maria explains mechanics of "print details" in exchanges, puzzle print blocks, Lynn Starun's name added to Dragon list...
Comment re "one more name on the dragon list"
Member's blog (Dave Bull -- "knife set - next step")
Reference book for beginner woodblock printmakers, a few Bareners included in reference book, member's blog (Dave B)
Link to printmaking photo collection on Flickr, congrats to Lynita re her print on cover of McClains catalog, member's blog (Betty W)
Woodblock prints found on sinking ship...
Andrew Stone too close to sinking ship to appreciate woodblock print "treasure", prints "low on totem", Graham's puzzle block, members' blogs (Dianne C, Linda B, Maria A) ...
Comment on Dianne's cactus pastel, member's blog (D. Bull)
Dave's carving tool sets, new member, members' blogs (D. Bull, A. English, P. Phare-Camp)
Comment re carving tools, welcome to new member, Andover print museum, member's blogs (Annie B., Ellen S., Maria A.)
Bareners receive a scolding from Jerelee Basist re late puzzle blocks, thanks re "heads-up" on museum printing, kind wishes from Bareners to Jerelee
Members' blogs (Annie B., Ellen S., Maria A.)
Comment on Jerilee's post re puzzle print slackers, New Year card address problem, new school for mokuhanga at Lake Kawaguchi, members' blogs (Bull, Arango-Diener, Sargent-Peart, Busey)...
Question re location of mokuhanga classes at Lake Kawaguchi, members' blogs (Bissett, Beeman, Arango-Diener, Jagniecki)
Mt. Fuji is location of Lake Kawaguchi, comment on Annie's print, members' blogs (Bull, LaPierre, Arango-Diener)
Dragons, members' blogs (Bull, Gillies, York)...
A loss and dragons
Condolences, European dragons, members' blogs (Cutter, Arango-Diener)
Dragons, Olek's Crakow trip, member's blogs (Bull, Stone)
Condolences for Eileen's loss of her pet dog and Robert Arnold's letterpress print for charity "Greyhound Pets of America", member's blog (Bissett)
Members blogs (Guerra, York)
Member's blog (Arango-Diener)
Puzzle blocks inspire, members' blogs (Bissett, York, Arango-Diener)
Article about Kozo made in the U.S., member's blogs (Bull, Arango-Diener, Jagniecki, Raardvarkpress)
Harry French latest prints with link, members' blogs (Bull, Stone, York, Arango-Diener, Biwer-Stewart)
Comments on Harry's work and website, link to Olek's blog post, members' blogs (Bull, English, Stone, Gillies, York, Arango-Diener)
Appreciation of Harry French's website and Olek Wozniak's blog, members' blogs (Bull, Arango-Diener, Busey)
The Queen of Denmark and The Hobbit, Terry Peart's dragon, members' blogs (Bull, Gillies)
New member intro (Eleanor Rubin), member's blog (D. Bull)
Comment on Terry's New Year's card, members' blogs (Bissett, Bull)
Link to Glen's woodblock print tatoo, members' blogs (Bull, Stone, Gillies)
Moma exhibition, Terry Peart's dragon, Diane Cutter coordinator for Exchange #52, members' blogs (Bull, Stone, Biwer-Stewart)
Thank you to Diane Cutter for volunteering to coordinate exchange #52, Endangered theme, members' blogs (Bull, Bissett, York)
New member intro (Mary Brodbeck), Ralphie, Jr., comments on Mary's work, question re pasting a large sheet of paper to woodblock, members' blogs (D. Bull, Sue)
Bareners weigh in re pasting a large sheet of paper onto block, welcome to Mary Brodbeck, dragon gallery, members' blogs (Bull, York, Arango-Diener)
Inspired by Japan update from South Africa, more on pasting large sheet to block, Japan Relief Fund exhibit in Irvington, members' blogs, (Bull, Arango-Diener)
Gluing, how to achieve shine when printing with sumi, pasting hanshita and stretch, member intro for Maciej, update Exchange #52, members' blogs (Bull, York)...
Transferring design to block, members' blogs (Julio, Annie B, Andy English, Maria)
Transferring design to block, Harry French's latest print, member's blog (David Bull)
Not pertinent to woodblock, but FYI -- link to photos of tsunami clean up in Japan, member's blog (Maria)
Members' blogs (David Bull, Ellen Shipley, Maria)
Members' blogs, (David Bull, Edamame Press, Sherrie Y)
Comments on Dave Bull's and Amanda's blog posts, member's blogs (David Bull, Maria, Lori Biwer-Stewart)
Due to time change, accidental repeat of members' blogs from previous day
Members' blogs (Ellen Shipley, Dave Bull, Sherrie Y)
Member's blog (Ellen Shipley)
Link to Linda Beeman's blog
Call for entries: A4 Open Printmakers International Competition 2012, link to Eurasian art, members' blogs (Annie B, Maria)
Link to new year card gallery in Japan, Giclee, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Annie B, Maria)
Giclee discussed, thanks for dragon prints link, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Diane Cutter)
Thank you from Jennifer Martindale re Giclee discussion, Diane's tulips, members' blogs (Andy English, Andrew Stone)
Marilynn Smith comments on Andy English's new wood flooring, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Sherrie Y)
Hannah Schoonberg weighs in on discussion re digital prints with hand-pulled elements
Harry French's latest print, questions re exhibiting, digital, link to missed blog entry, members' blogs (D. Bull, Sharri L. , Elizabeth B.)...
Digital elements, dragons on their way, some answers to Mark's questions re exhibitions, print exhibition opportunity, Exchange #53 sign-up April 1, member's blog (D. Bull)
Update on pasting large sheet of paper to board, more answers to Mark Mason's questions re his upcoming first exhibition, member's blog (David Bull)...
Pasting large sheet of paper to lino, member's blog (Dave Bull)
Members' blogs (Dave Bull, Sue)
Marilynn Smith's new blog, thanks
Osaka prints - new video, Marilynn's blog, members blogs (Dean Clark, Dave Bull, Biwer-Stewart)
Francisco Mendoza, Marilynn suggests that Bareners create a blog, member's blog (Sherrie York)
Comment on Marilynn's blog, members' blogs (Dave Bull, Maria)
Member's blog (Dave Bull)

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