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ISSUE 9: October 2002

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Sacred Trees and Endangered Species Exhibit
     by Gayle Wohlken

Studios At Risk
     by Jean N. Chase

"The Magic Of The East", an exhibit report from Bulgaria
     by Diana Draganova

Hokusai's Manga - Revisited
     by Julio Rodriguez


Editor's Notes

Exchange & Exhibition News

Members in the Spotlight

Opportunities for Printmakers

Printmaking Supplies from Traditional Japanese Makers

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Welcome to this issue of Baren-Suji, our newsletter. After a most productive summer which saw the conclusion of many projects, the fall is starting out with the buzzing sound of a scroll saw... Maria Arango's "What is Baren ?" puzzle project. Also for those wanting to try their hand at traditional Moku Hanga...Exchange #15 - "Hanga-Only" is finally here. More projects below.

As we prepare to celebrate Baren's fifth anniversary online later in November, plans are being finalized for our June 2003 Summit in Kansas City. "Kansas City, 2003 Summit".

*Print at left by Ray Hudson, "Allegro Moderato" from Exchange #13- Music

- David Bull, Baren founder

"We must, indeed, all hang together,
or most assuredly we shall all hang separately"
-Printmaker Benjamin Franklin

A special thank YOU! to the contributors this issue:
Gayle Wohlken
Jeanne N. Chase
 Arafat Alnaim & Diana Draganova
As always, an extra thank you to our friendly Baren graphic designer, John Amoss, for the Baren-suji masthead design and the many logos that keep popping up in the Barenforum web site and also to our webmasters David Bull, Maria Arango and Mike Lyon for all the behind the scenes work.

Julio Rodriguez, Editor of Baren-Suji
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Print by Sharen Linder: "Joyful Noise", from Exchange #13, Music.

Remember! General information and links to all exchanges can always be found here:
And in case you missed them, the prints in the Exchange Gallery can delight you here:

Exchange #13 was completed and the prints are now on display in the Exchange Gallery. A big thanks to our coordinator Barbara Patera for a great job. This was a chuban size, theme "Music" exchange.

Signup for Exchange #14 was completed and work is underway. Deadline was October 1st, 2002. This is an open-themed exchange of oban sized prints. Darrell Madis (Dallas, Texas) is the coordinator for this exchange. Marilynn Smith (Nahcotta, Washington) is coordinating a Salon 14A exchange to handle the overflow of participants. More info can be found on the information page

Signup for Exchange #15 starts on October 1st, 2002. It is a special sized exchanged themed "Hanga". For info on this upcoming exchange go to Hanga-only #15

"WHAT IS BAREN ?" A fun puzzle project idea by Maria Arango. Participants will get to carve a piece of the puzzle woodblock to express their feelings on what Barenforum means to them. Maria will then collate all the small blocks and print the puzzle making enough copies for all participants. Revised participant list and confirmation form at:


TEXT-MESSAGES PRINTS Project. From all accounts the project and exhibit was a huge success. This was Greg Robison (shown right) second exhibit related to the Baren group. Prints illustrating the text messages from the four Gospels in the New Testament were on display in Edinburgh, Scotland during June, 2002.

To see more photos of the Scotland exhibit head over to the Members Activities page.

WAR and PEACE Exchange on Printmakersonline. Coordinators Brad Schwartz, Cyndy Wilson (collation and shipping) and Barbara Mason (correspondence chief). Info for the project can be found here:

LARGE PRINT EXCHANGE. Coordinator Rudolf Stalder (North Carolina). Format for this exchange was open, maximum size 22" X 32", 25 prints required. For more information and details on LPE II, head over to the Large Print Information Site. Coordinator Sharri LaPierre.

For those wanting to work at their own pace and perhaps do smaller editions, The Baren International Swap Shop is awaiting your prints. James Mundie presides over the Swapshop and is looking forward to adding your prints to those already received.

The Swapshop Gallery can be seen at:

This program is also open to non-members. We hope that you will also encourage non-members to participate so that we can promote the traditional exchange of prints among printmakers throughout the world.

*Print above left from the Swapshop by Tyrus Clutter, titled "St. Christopher".

PRINT EXCHANGE CENTRAL. For additional information on these and many other world-wide exchanges, make sure you check on Maria Arango's information page. Corrections and updates should be e-mailed to Maria directly at Print Exchange Central.

A great way to keep up with all the exchanges is to bookmark the Exchange sign-up pages in your Favorites or Bookmarks (Internet Explorer and Netscape respectively).


*Print by Jean Eger Womack, tittled "Harvest of Madness II", 911 memorial woodblock print.

Baren member Tyrus Clutter held an exhibition of the Baren NYFD 911 Memorial Prints in August. Tyrus is Professor of Painting, Printmaking, & Art History at Northwest Nazarene University, in Nampa, Idaho and also Director of Friesen Art Galleries. THANK YOU Tyrus!

The Portland Oregon Art Museum is having an exhibit of Mexican Printmakers at the Gilkey Print Center. The show runs through December 21, 2002 and includes work by 20th Century noted Mexican artists such as Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros, Tamayon et al,. Special focus on the acute social and political issues spawned by the Revolution of 1910 - 20.

The Victoria Art Gallery is having several woodblock related exhibits:
- "Ukiyo-e: Images of a Floating World" -- October 11 until November 24
- "Erotica in Japanes Prints" - October 11 until November 24

Also included are discussion and lectures on the following topics:
* The History of Printmaking in Japan: Barry Till, Curator of Asian Art -- Wednesday, October 16, 1:00 pm.
* Erotic Images in Japanese Woodblock Prints: Judith Patt -- Wednesday, October 23, 1:00 pm.
* Kabuki Theatre in Japanese Woodblock Prints: Judith Patt - Wednesday, October 30, 1:00 pm.

"Second Edition of MINIARE" - The Montreal International Miniature Print Biennial
The Conseil quebecois de l’estampe (Quebec Printmakers Council) is launching its second international Miniature biennial. It is open to all professional printmakers from all countries. All printmaking techniques including monotypes and digital prints are accepted. The maximum paper size is 18 x 18 cm and image size may be the same or smaller that the paper size. Deadline for submitting work: May 1st 2002. The exhibit will take place in Montreal from October 11 to November 17, 2002. A jury will award three cash prizes. A full colour catalogue will be published and all selected artists will receive a copy .

For this second edition, the Conseil has decided to showcase Australian Printmaking. Anthea Boesenberg is coordinating this Australian contribution and would welcome all Australian contributions. Please contact her on and she will forward details and entry forms. All other printmakers can get an entry form and rules and regulation on the Conseil’s new website at If you have any questions, you can email the Conseil at

Welcome to all and good luck! Claude Aimée Villeneuve, President, Quebec Printmakers Council.

The Print Club at University of Alaska, Anchorage invites printmakers to submit ExLibris prints for an exhibition in the Campus Gallery which will take place in January 2003. Up to 75 artists may each submit an edition of 16 prints. The participants will then receive a collection of 15 randomly selected prints in the exchange.

Please e-mail a letter of intent to: by October 15, 2002.

Prints will be submitted on 3" x 5" paper, in editions of 16 no later than December 15, 2002. An entry fee of $5. payable to the UAA Print Club will be used to cover mailing of the collection of prints to you. Prints and a self-addressed return envelope should be sent to:

Print Club
University of Alaska, Anchorage
Art Building Room 313
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508

If you are missing out on the exchanges and exhibitions, be sure to tune into the Baren forum and take a gander through the Encyclopedia. Opportunities abound and await!


Photos at left and below by Baren member Daniel Dew doing a class demonstration in Tampa, Florida.

Member Georga Garside had the NYFD 911 Print folio on exhibit at the Whittier City Hall, Whittier, California. The function was on remembrance of the first anniversary of the September 11 tragedy. THANK YOU Georga!

"Lewis and Clark" by Baren member Sarah Hauser is on display at the National Small Works 2002, WPG Juried Exhibition. Link to the Washington Printmakers Gallery. Sarah's work also on display at Art Institute & Gallery - Art Exhibition Calendar and at the Northern National Art Exhibition at Nicolet College Gallery, in Rhinelander, Wisconsin

April Volmer's "Fugu Rubripes" print making the August cover of Science magazine. Link for the cover can be seen at here.

Woodcuts & Engravings by Maria Arango at the Brand Library and Art Center, 1601 West Mountain Street, Glendale California 91201 (818) 548-2051

Reception/Awards Ceremony Sunday December 15 from 3 to 5 PM

Sacred Trees and Endangered Species Exhibit
by Gayle Wohlken

The Meyer Center exhibit info:

"Sacred Trees and Endangered Species"
July 5th thru August, 2002
Donald W. Meyer Center
Geauga Park District's Big Creek Park
9160 Robinson Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024

Many people who attended Opening Night asked how the Sacred Trees and Endangered Species show came to be.

A couple Octobers ago two of my woodcuts (one each from exchanges I participated in through Print Australia and Barenforum) won first prize in a local juried art show, and one of those prints stirred the interest of opening night attendee, Robert McCullough, park commissioner for the Geauga County Park District in northeast Ohio. In talking to me about Vilja, my print from the PA Sacred Trees exchange, he discovered that through my memberships in both forums I was in possession of whole collections of themed prints and he wondered if I would be interested in showing my Sacred Trees collection at the Meyer's Center Gallery at Big Creek Park in Charon, Ohio.

A year later Teresa Runion, director of the Meyer Center gallery, previewed the Sacred Trees prints, and by that time I had another collection to show her--the Baren Exchange #9 Endangered Species prints, and she approved most of the prints in both sets. On hanging day, I had brought along the Exchange #6 prints in their folio to include in the lighted showcases. I was putting together a display of some tools and inks, as well as one of Dave's Surimono albums, and when Teresa saw the prints inside the folio, she thought we should display many of these, too, as they pertained to nature and there was room to hang them on string lines with small clothespins. With the help of many hands, an exhibit that in its idea stage was to show only one set of prints grew to 85 prints made by 52 artists.

After it was approved to put together the exhibit, I approached Baren council member Julio Rodriquez about borrowing the Baren frames which he had acquired originally for the annual Skokie library exhibits. Julio agreed, so my husband Jim and I took a road trip to Skokie, Illinois in May to meet with Julio and his wife Maria at their home. Joining us there was barener Sharen Linder and her husband Don. Sharen and Don helped carry the many boxes of frames to the car and Sharen showed us how to make a template for centering each print before snapping on the glass and the backing. Julio loaned his Salon Endangered II prints as well as his Endangered I prints which were already in some of the frames left from the last Skokie show, thus making it easier for us since we wouldn't have to take the time to frame my own set.

From the other side of the country, Barbara Mason in Oregon sent two big stacks of colorful Barenforum brochures to put on the welcoming table. Josephine Severn, down under, sent extra Sacred Trees prints for selling, as well as copies of Horacio's print which had accidentally been left out of my original set.

What are viewers saying ? Word is out that people are enjoying the work, are charmed that these prints have been made by artists worldwide, (One viewer said, Why, these are from all over the world!!") and find it intriguing that we are printmakers belonging to internet-based forums who not only are able to come together to share what we do through our print exchanges, but that we have opportunities such as this to show our work in local exhibits. Positive comments have been made about the diversity of interpretation of the themes that had been chosen and curiosity has been shown about the different styles of carving and printing.

I brought some of my carved blocks to show on opening night and spread them on a table for people to examine. I had as much fun as the viewers as I never tire of answering questions about the relief printmaking processes, and I especially like to talk about wood. This was the first time I got to see all the prints hanging and found myself pleased at how they looked in their handsome black frames. One viewer suggested we should do a book with all our images. She wanted to know the story behind each print. The three most often asked questions were 'How do you get the colors to line up?' and 'How does an exchange work?' and, "Have you actually met any of these people?" and The most common opinion overheard by viewers was, depending on age, "Beautiful exhibit!" or "Awesome!" and from the park workers, themselves, " of the most interesting and attractive exhibits we've had here in the gallery"!

Thanks to a wide group effort, this show opened July 6 and was on display through the month of August.

Studios At Risk !
written by Jean N. Chase

The picture at right shows a studio that was totally destroyed by fire. The County recorded the fire as Arson, the City recorded the fire as an electrical malfunction. I believe it was electrical. There were many clues which I did not act upon and which might have saved the studio if I had known.

First of all there was an electrical outlet in the bar area between the Florida room ( that is what we Floridians call the patio, screened or otherwise). For about one year the telephone, which was plugged into this outlet would malfunction and I had to get another telephone, thinking it was the fault of the phone. I replaced the phone 3 times. Then, the radio was also plugged into this outlet. The radio would go off and on regularly. I should have had an electrical company check out the outlet. The firemen opted that this was the cause of the fire and I think they were right on.

In the Florida room I had my press and all of the chemicals required for printing; mineral spirits, kerosene, lacquer thinner and lots of etching paint. All on the table near the outlet. The fire melted the press and was the most destructive in this area. In the garage, attached to the studio I had my woodworking tools and also a metal cabinet in which I also had stored many chemicals. They were all intact, however still sooty. I did not have a smoke alarm system.

So in conclusion, I would suggest, checking the wiring in your studio, store the chemicals in an out of the way area, preferably in a cabinet (not wood), and get a smoke alarm. The studio was also 50 years old and all wood. The original building was an old farmhouse and an orange grove. It was gradually surrounded by civilization. Sad part was, it took me 25 years to pay off the mortgage, which was fulfilled in 2000. The studio was underinsured. Of course you all know how your work is devalued. I had over 40 framed paintings destroyed. I could only take off the cost of the frames.

The good news is; the lot upon which the studio was built was worth much more than the building and I sold it. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount it was worth. So with the money that I made from the lot I bought a charming house to use as my studio. I made sure that the house had proper wiring and had it checked thoroughly for any faults. As a disaster like this makes one rather paranoid. After the fire, a burnt retina, a torn ligament and pneumonia and depression, I finally got back to work. The picture below is of my new studio.

The nice thing about it is the beautiful landscape. Also it has a railroad track in the back. I wave to the conductor as he goes by. One interesting story the next door neighbor had to tell. The Ringling Circus train use to be housed in Venice, about 15 miles from Sarasota. They had the circus train come by when they went on their Circuit. The neighbors used to come out (and their friends) to watch the colorful train go by four times a year. If you have ever seen the circus trains, they are so beautiful and interesting that it must have been a wonderful sight.

Well, I am busy now and very careful about where I put things. And always take the trash out every evening before I go home. The dirty rags and paper. I hope this is my only fire.

Take care.... Jeanne N.

by Diana Draganova, Art critic from Sofia, Bulgaria


In the prestigious art gallery at the Bulgarian city of Burgas LUNA OT KORENI and within “DIFFERENT CULTURES - ONE WORLD” program an exhibition of print works of Fadila Mousbah Mohammed entitled “THE MAGIC OF THE EAST” is on display from the 13th of August. The print works of Fadila represent an essay towards the search of the graphic values of Arab ornament and calligraphy in the context of contemporary printmaking. Saturated with the mystery of Arab culture, calligraphic and ornamental forms converted into graphic art objects (artistic images) and are preserved as a symbol of an intransient tradition. In her works she focuses on the impact of calligraphy and ornament on contemporary Arab printmaking.

She graduated printmaking in 1999 from the National Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria, in Prof. Zdravko Stoyanov’s class, calligraphy in Prof. Todor Vardjiev’s class and drawing in the class of Prof. Stoyan Domuschiev. She got her Ph.D. degree in printmaking during 2002. Fadila also took part in graphic art exhibitions in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Libya and other countries. “THE MAGIC OF THE EAST “print works reveal the artist’s achievements in the fields of lithography, serigraphy, engraving, etching, mixed media and other graphic techniques. The elements of composition in her works acquire not only a verbal-symbolic meaning but also are distinguishably graphic expressive. Calligraphic forms in her works serve as graphic symbol, ornament, contrast and balance of forms simultaneously. For people in the East the ornament and calligraphy are actively involved in their everyday life, customs and traditions. With the spirit of the Arab art any letter could be converted into an ornament with high aesthetic value.

“THE MAGIC OF THE EAST “demonstrates such a conversion and creation of contemporary graphic compositions. The color in these works is not at all coincidental. It is in line with contents of the text and outlines the rich scope and the spirit of the Arab culture, arising from the depths of the vast desert, calmed down by the Mediterranean Sea and boasting with the magnificent ruins preserving the glory of the antiquity. The noble mixture of such broad specter of influences and tradition could be observed in the fine pieces of art by Fadila.

Diana Draganova
Art Critic /National Art Gallery Sofia, 2002

Hokusai's Manga - Revisited
by Julio Rodriguez

Among Hokusai's master works no other stands out in sheer volume and variety as the compilation of sketches referred to as "The Manga" ("Sketches from Life"). Published between 1814 and 1878 in Tokyo and Nagoya, the fifteen volumes collection has remained one of the most popular art publications ever issued and continues to be a favorite with its intended audience...the common people.

The sketches cover all possible forms... from birds, animals and flowers to landscapes, seascapes and mythical figures. More than anything, Hokusai's sketches succeed in bringing to life the day-to-day people of a time long past. The hundreds of often humorous caricatures which we encounter in the Manga leaves us with a real taste of Hokusai's time.

During the late 1600's an improvisational dance became popular in Japan and came to be called the "yokko-odori" or servant's dance. The "yokko" was a low-ranking retainer for the feudal lord and as such handled the menial tasks of "dealing" with the commoners. The servant's dance thus gives us a satyrical insight into the pretensious retainer. In the print below (Manga's Volume #3) Hokusai has captured the humour and nonsense of the popular dance.

Now thanks to 21st Century technology we too can enjoy exactly what Hokusai's eyes caught on paper long ago. Click on the image at right to enjoy the "yokko-odori"...or as I prefer to call it..."The MANGARENA".

Suggested reading: "The Hokusai Sketch-Books", Selections from the Manga by James A. Michener, 1958. Most interesting is the last chapter in which Michener goes into details of the creative process as it existed in Japan.

Animation GIF courtesy of Poul Genefke Thye at


StoneMetal Press needs to raise funds for a new, permanent studio. For 12 years this all volunteer organization has been promoting printmaking and offering facilities for making prints. Printmakers have the opportunity to help through participation in exhibits and by checking out their fundraising auctions on Ebay. Please check out their website at

For more information contact Le Green at

StoneMetal Press
1420 S. Alamo # 104
San Antonio, TX 78210

Print at right by Rudolf Stalder from LPE I, titled "Young Lady".


Lower East Side Printshop
59-61 East 4th Street
NYC, 10003 212-673-5390 or at

Frogman's Press & Gallery, Workshops.
105 North Third Street, P.O. Box 142
Beresford, SD 57004 - 0142
Phone/Fax: (605)763-5082

Kala Art Institute, 1060 Heinz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710. Workshops and class schedule.

Zea Mays Printmaking
Located in beautiful western Massachusetts and offering a wide array of summer workshops. Zea Mays Printmaking is a studio/workshop dedicated to safer approaches to printmaking. Workshops are limited to 6 people. For further information and images, visit their website, or call the studio at 413.584.1783

The Wood Engraver's Network (WEN).
Since 1994 WEN is an organization dedicated to the education and enjoyment of relief printmaking and, in particular, engraving upon end-grain wood.
WEN offers the delicate and engaging Block & Burin, a quarterly newsletter (soon to be semiannual) filled with wood engraving history and wisdom. Members design the cover and it is always a beautiful surprise. Members also exchange prints, called Bundles, on a quarterly basis.
Membership information can be found at WEN's new and improved web site:


October 31, 2002 Call for entries: "Works on Paper 2003" National juried exhibition at Goya-Girl Press & Contemporary Art Gallery. Nov. 4, 2002 deadline. Exhibition: Jan 11- Feb 17, 2003. Awards, including publication of a small edition of prints. Juror: Doreen Bolger, Director of The Baltimore Museum of Art. Entry Fee: $25/5 slides. For Prospectus : (P) 410-366-2001. Fax:410-235-8730. or send SASE to: Amy Raehse - Director, Goya- Girl, 3000 Chestnut Av Suite 214, Baltimore MD 21211

October 31, 2002 The Little Prints Broward Community College Fine Arts Gallery is holding a National juried exhibition Feb. 6 through Mar. 14, 2003, accepting original prints and traditional printed media that have been completed in the last 2 years. No graphic or computer art accepted. Collaged works will be accepted as long as part of the work is of traditional type. No work shall exceed 20 inches matted in any dimension. Deadline for slide entries is Nov. 11, 2002 at 2 p.m. A non-refundable fee of $25.00 is required with a maximum of 3 slides per entry, $5.00 for each additional slide. Cash recognitions will be awarded to first, second, third place winners. Please send a S.A.S.E. for information to: D. Sean Jendlin Fine Arts Gallery, BCC, Central campus bldg. 3, 3501 SW Davie Rd, Davie FL 33314 OR 954-201-6984 OR The following 20 or so items are randomly selected from the 600-900 announcements that PAID/PREMIUM subscribers receive each month.

October 31, 2002 New York City - Emerging Artists 2003, 13th Annual Competition for exhibition at New York City's Limner Gallery and $9000 awards. Deadline October 30, 2002. For a prospectus EMAIL at PRINT at OR send an SASE to: SlowArt Productions, 870 Sixth Av, New York NY 10001

October 31, 2002 41st Annual Tri-State Plus Juried Exhibition. Feb 1st - 28th, 2003. Cash awards. Open to U.S. Artists only, 18+. All Original-media, complete in last 2 years. Slide Deadline: Nov 30. $15 perslide, limit 3. Must have entry form. For a prospectus send an SASE to: Beaumont Art League, Tri-State 2002, 2675 Gulf St, Beaumont TX 77703 OR

October 31, 2002 CALL FOR ENTRIES Deadline November 1, 2002. The Art Department of Sinclair Community College is seeking proposals for the 2004 exhibition season. SCC has three separate, professionally designed galleries, including one dedicated to photography-based media. Exhibits are scheduled on a four to six week rotation. Sinclair provides return shipping or an honorarium to defray return travel expenses. For examples of past exhibits, visit and check out the Art Department website. For further information, contact Send 10 slides, a slide list with sizes and media, a resume, artist statement, and SASE to: Cindy Tiedemann, Gallery Coordinator, Sinclair Community College, 444 West Third St, Dayton OH 45402-1460

Nov 13, 2002 6TH INTERNATIONAL OPEN The Woman Made Gallery invites women from the international community to submit artwork. All themes, styles, and media - except performance - will be accepted. Juried. Contact: Woman Made Gallery, 1900 S Prairie Av, Chicago IL 60616 OR

November 15, 2002. Call for entries: 77th Annual International Competition - Printmaking: May 17 to July 26, 2003 at The Print Center, 1614 Latimer Street, Philadelphia PA 19103 and traveling exhibition to Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences, Loveladies, NJ: September 10 to October 22, 2003. Juror: Mark Pascale, Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings, The Art Institute of Chicago. $2,000 in purchase awards for the Print Center Permanent Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art selected by John Ittman, Curator of Prints at PMA; $3,000 of cash, materials and purchase awards selected by juror and individual donors; two awards granting solo exhibition at The Print Center. Entry fee: $40/for slides (includes membership to The Print Center) or $50/4 slides for those outside the US. See for prospectus, or write to

November 30, 2002 The Humanities Fine Arts Gallery of the University of Minnesota, Morris is accepting exhibition proposals for the 2002 - 2003 and 2003 - 2004 academic years. Send 10 to 20 slides of recent work, artist's statement, resume, and SASE to be considered for solo or group show. No prospectus. Deadline for submissions is November 30, 2002. Send to: Fred W Peterson, University of Minnesota--Morris, 600 E 4th St, Morris MN 56267. EOAA

November 30, 2002 "ABSTRACTION 2003" Deadline: November 30. Annual international exhibition at The Stage Gallery, Merrick, New York. January 17 - February 21. All media. Juror: Phyllis Braff, NY Times art critic. No commission. Entry fe: $25/3 slides, $5 each additional. For prospectus (required) download from or send #10 SASE to: "ABST," 11 Prospect Place, Massapequa NY 11758-5812 OR 516-797-9115

Feb 28, 2003 ARTIST MARKET Jul 3-6, 2003. Voted one of the top 100 events in North America. Application fee. Booth fee. For prospectus send SASE to: Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival Artist Market, RR 2 Box 355A, Latrobe PA 15650 OR 724-834-7474 OR

FROM EUROPE.....courtesy of Arafat Alnaim

International Exlibris Competition of the town of Sint-Niklaas 2002: Mythology
For the 2002 competition the advisory board of the Exlibriscentre has chosen the theme Mythology. All engraving techniques are allowed for entry under the condition that at least 5 identical prints can be made. . Entries(+ registration form) to be sent to: Internationaal Exlibriscentrum Sint-Niklaas, Stedelijke Musea, Regentiestraat 61, B - 9100 Sint-Niklaas, by December 1st 2002. A selection of the exlibris entering the competition will be exhibited at the occasion of the 20th Biennale of small size engravings 2003 in Sint-Niklaas.

Italy: 6th European Biennal for engraving 2003: Aphrodite's dream", beauty, charme, mystery and the "Acqui Prize VI European Biennal of Engraving 2003" (

1st International Biennial Competition of Exlibris - SOFIA'03: The International Exlibris Center Sofia is organizing The 1st International Biennial Competition for Exlibris among the artists from all over the world for an execution of a thematic exlibris. The purpose of the Biennial Competition of Exlibris - Sofia'03 is to cultivate an interest for the exlibris as a small-sized graphic art for the region of Bulgaria and neighboring countries, also to encourage the development of the bookplate and small-sized graphic art collectors. The International Biennial Competition for Exlibris - Sofia'03 is organized with the National Library, the Union of the Bulgarian Artists and AEFB. 2nd "Ex Libris" Contest - Exhibition Acqui Terme - Ovada Rotary Club, supported by A.I.E. (Ex Libris Italian Association), on the occasion of the 6th European Biennial for Engraving 2003 organizes 2nd "Ex Libris" Contest-Exhibition The contest is open to all Italian and foreign artists and participation is free of charge Theme: Aphrodite's dream: beauty...charm...mystery Each artist can participate with a maximum of two works made after January 1st, 2000 Ex libris size: maximum 13x10 cm., The size of paper shall not exceed 20x15 cm Works shall be received no later than 31st October, 2002 at the following address:

Mostra concorso di Ex Libris
a tema "Il Sogno di Afrodite"
c/o Assessorato alla Cultura - Palazzo Robellini
Piazzetta Levi, 1
I - 15011 Acqui Terme (AL), ITALIA

For further information, please contact the organizers of the event at the following address: Segretaria: Piazza Italia, 9 I - 150 11 Acqui terme (AL), Tel. +39/0144/57 937, Fax. +39/0144/57 626, e-mail: or at

International Ex Libris Centre of the City of Sint-Niklaas is organising a biennial competition among graphic artists of all countries to produce a bookplate with a predefined theme. The aim of the competition is to arousepublic interest in authentic bookplates, this high quality form of graphics glued into books to mark the ownership of the person for whom the bookplate is made. At the same time it is meant to draw the young artists' attention to the possibilities and artistic qualities of this component of graphics. The International Exlibris Competition is organized in conjunction with the Ministry of the Flemish Community. For the 2003 Competition we are requesting submissions of bookplates made to identify the ownership of someone interested in MYTHOLOGY

Exibris must be forwarded to:
Internationaal Exlibriscentrum (Community Museums)
Zwijgershoek 14
B-9100 Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) together with the registration form, Tel.: 00/32/3/777.29.42, Fax: 00/32/3/766.50.57 or E-mail:

More about Sint-Niklaas...
The entries are expected before December 1st 2002

Purpose. To acquaint the public of Romania with the new trends, tendencies and accomplishments in the area of small print in Romania and abroad. The exhibition will take place in an International Festival of Graphic Arts. Date. September - October 2003 Prizes. There will be awarded one Grand Prix, six equal prizes and ten honorary mentions. Submission. Artists of all ages from any country are invited to participate. The entry is free. All printmaking techniques are accepted. Monoprints and photocopies will not be accepted. Works must be recent (2001-2003) The maximum dimensions of paper should be less than 22 x 30 cm. The address of the Biennial Chairman:

Ovidiu Petca
C.P. 1132, O.P. 1
3400 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

E-mail: or Phone: 0040/64/427528

The work should be properly packed, with no glasss or frame and posted with specification "PRINT", with no commercial value, until 1st February 2003 to the above mentioned address. The ENTRY FORM is needed.

St Petersburg"s Club of Exlibris, Institute of Civilization, Rotary- Club (SPb), Foundation "Public Board of Culture Programms" supported by City Administration on the occasion of 300-years anniversary of St Petersburg organizes a Bookplate Competition Theme: "St Petersburg: Spirit of the city, Events, People..." International Competition of Bookplates, devoted to 300-years anniversary of St Petersburg 27 May 1703 is the date of foundation of St Petersburg - one of the beautiful cities of the world, real cultural and spiritual capital of Russia. To the tricentennial of St Petersburg the International Competition of Bookplates is organized. Conceived as a functional object, the bookplate has become a self- suficient work of art, an attractive collectors" item and an object of research. This particular kind of graphic art opens perspectives for creative search and experiments. The conduction of International Competition of Bookplates has been preconditioned by the broad recognition of Russian, first of all St Petersburg artists as well as the recognition by all the art lovers of the role of St Petersburg in the world culture. We invite all artists to take a participation in this event.

Art. 1. St Petersburg"s Club of Exlibris, Institute of Civilization, Rotary- Club (SPb) and Foundation "Public Board of Culture Programs" supported by City Administration , on the occasion of 300-years anniversary of St Petersburg organizes a Bookplate Competition.
Art. 2. The Exhibition is open to all Russian and foreign artists and participation is free
Art. 3. Theme: "St Petersburg: Spirit of the city, Events, People...".
Art. 4. Each artist can participate with a maximum of three works (for each participating work three copies shall be submitted). Works shall be labelled on the backside with the year of production, technique, name and address of the artist.
Art. 5. All original graphic techniques are admitted with the exclusion of drawings, photocopies and computer graphics. The maximal exlibris size is 15 cm.
Art. 6. The work shall contain the wording "Exlibris" (or synonims) and name of the owner. A motto or lable "300 years of Saint Petrsburg" may be used.
Art 7. Works shall be received no later than 1-st February, 2003 at the following address:

St Petersburg"s Exlibris Club
Vice-President of FISAE
25/3-84 ul. Zamshina,
St Petersburg, 195271, Russia
Art. 8. The jury, made up of two members of Institute of Civilization and Rotary Club (SPb) and five experts of exlibris, will assign a First Rize (750 d), Second Prize (500 d) Third Prize (250 d) and will select the works to be exhibited.
Art. 9. All works submitted will remain the property of the Organizing Committee and might be reproduced freely.
Art. 10. Both award ceremony and opening of the exhibition will take place in May 2003 in Grand Hall of Exhibition Center of the Artist Union (Bol"shaja Morskaja, 38).
Art. 11. The catalogue of exhibition will free of charge for participants.
Art. 12. Participants implies the full acceptance of its regulation.

For further information, please contact the organizers of the event at the address mentioned above and by phone (+812) 544 03 56, FAX (+812) 465 40 99 or E-mail:
Works shall be received no later than 1-st February, 2003

Hacettepe University and Ankara Exlibris Society
The First International Ex Libris Competition Ankara 2003

Hacettepe University and Ankara Exlibris Society are organising an international ex-libris competition open to artists and designer from all countries, with the purpose of bringing together authentic ex-libris prints of the highest aesthetic, artistic and technological quality and created as marks of ownership for books, evaluating these works, encouraging the artists, and intrdoducing the art of ex-libris to the general public.

The deadline for submission is April 20, 2003, the stamped postal date being decisive

Ankara Exlibris Dernegi
Kazakistan Cad. 148/1 Emek
TR-06510 Ankara, TURKEY

Phone: +90 (312) 213 57 91, +90 (312) 260 10 99
Fax: +90 (312) 299 20 61

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The search for good tools and materials is a never-ending activity for the woodblock printmaker. Unlike days of old, when the technology had wide commercial applications and supplies were thus readily available, in the modern world woodblock printmaking has ... how shall we put this ... a rather limited appeal.

In consequence, supplies - good supplies - are difficult to come by in many parts of the world. But there is one place where woodblock printmaking is still practiced widely, and that is Japan. Hobby-level supplies are available locally in any town, in stationery shops and do-it-yourself centers, and professional tools are still made for those who need them.

But Japanese suppliers are focused on their domestic market and have no ability or experience in dealing overseas. The foreign customer too, finds it very difficult to obtain knowledge about the products that are available in Japan, and how to get them.

This is where the printmakers of the [Baren] group are stepping forward - to put these two 'worlds' together.

The [Baren] Mall is a buying service - it has no physical store, there is no inventory, and there are no employees. Orders placed on this website are transmitted to the mall manager (a [Baren] member), who also processes the payment. The manager forwards the order to the appropriate suppliers in Japan, where the goods are immediately packaged and shipped directly to the customer (by Air Post). [Baren] settles the account with the Japanese suppliers later - receiving a small commission in return for acting as 'go-between'.

The dealers are happy to have their products exposed to a global market - the consumers are happy to be able to have easy access to the supplies - and the [Baren] group gets a small boost to its treasury, to help this non-profit group fund some of the exhibitions and activities it undertakes around the world.

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