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[Baren] Exchange #15 ...


Details of [Baren Exchange 15]
  • Medium: Traditional Japanese polychrome wood block print (hand rubbed with baren, multi-block, water color pigments, Japanese printmaking paper)
  • Theme: Moku-hanga (Japanese wood block technique -- multi-block water-color prints on washi)
  • Paper: chu-tanzaku a standard paper dimension measuring from a minimum of 15 x 5 inches (38 x 12.7 cm) to a maximum of 15 1/2 x 5 1/4 inches (39.4 x 13.3 cm). It is half of an oban sheet cut lengthwise and usually designed with the long dimension running vertically... Note: in previous exchanges the coordinators have had many problems with prints that don't fit the cases, so we emphasize - prints that do not meet the published specification will be rejected from the exchange and returned to the maker. No exceptions.
  • Paper type: washi (Japanese paper)
  • Registration period: One month starting October 1 (or until 30 participants are enrolled)
  • Work period: Three months starting November 1
  • Deadline for finished prints: February 1st, 2003
  • A page of guidelines (can we call them 'rules'?) for participants has been set up here. Please read them over before deciding whether or not to apply for participation.
(Messages from the coordinator will appear as required at the bottom of this page)


[Baren Exchange 15] participants:

  1. Bea Gold
  2. Gayle Wohlken
  3. Frank Trueba
  4. Bobbie Mandel
  5. Lynita Shimizu
  6. Carole  Baker
  7. Brian Lockyear
  8. Janet Kravetz Hollander
  9. Nancy Osadchuk
  10. Carol Myers
  11. Gilda Machado-Zimmerling
  12. Suzi Sutherland-Martin
  13. Jan Telfer
  14. Jeanne_Norman Chase
  15. Mike Lyon
  16. Kat Pukas
  17. Maria Arango
  18. Charles Morgan
  19. Julio Rodriguez
  20. Barbara Mason
  21. Minna Sora
  22. John Center
  23. Wanda Robertson
  24. Richard Campbell
  25. Kate Courchaine
  26. Joe Sheridan
  27. Jd Roehrig
  28. Jean Eger Womack

Waiting list -- (recent experience indicates that there is an excellent chance that the first three or four on the waiting list may be promoted into the exchange often in the 11th hour -- you should prepare prints if you wish to participate):


From the coordinator:

Deadline for receiving prints: Prints (31 copies: 30 for the exchange participants, and one for the [Baren] archive) are to be received on or before February 1st, 2003. No exceptions to this deadline, please. 'Far-off' participants, please remember to allow enough time for mailing!

Shipping information: All prints should be accompanied by a return address and a remittance to cover return postage. FedEx/Airborne, etc. letter packs with duplicate self-addressed airbills are greatly appreciated. If you choose not to order the storage case, please send your prints in a box that can be reused for shipping the set back to you. Enclose $3.95 to $5.75 depending on distance for US Priority Mail shipping. For Global Priority Mail (outside the US), enclose $11 to Canada, $13 to Mexico, $15 to Europe, $16 to Australia, Japan, New Zealand. See USPS.com for precise rate information.

In the US the best way to send the prints is Priority Mail and the post office will give you the box. It is $3.95 to $5.75 for up to 2 lbs depending on distance.

Address to which Exchange #15 prints should be shipped:

Kat Pukas
4214 N. Paseo del Campo
Tucson AZ 85745-9678

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