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Exchange Exhibitions

From time to time members will take it upon themselves to mount exhibits of prints from our Baren Exchange program. Here is a list of past exhibitions where our prints have been on display:

  • 1999 

  • 2000 

  • 2001 
    • "Woodcut Prints.com", Yad leBanim Gallery, Tiberias, Israel - January 2001. Organized by: Arye Saar.  
    • "Baren Print Exhibit", Skokie Public Library, Skokie, Illinois - May/June 2001. Organized by: Julio Rodriguez.  
    • "Endangered Species", Artists Unlimited, Florida Printmakers Society, Tampa, Florida - August 2001. Organized by: Daniel Dew.  

  • 2002 
    • "Endangered Species" (Exchange #9),"Year of the Snake", Dan Dew's Salon des refusés Exchange. Also works from two exchanges from Print Australia and Brad Schwartz' Print Mint Exchange. Gallery of the Quebec Printmakers Council in Montreal, Quebec Canada. November 20 - January 15, 2002. Organized by Claude Aimée Villeneuve.
    • Baren 911's New York Firemen's Benefit Exhibit. February 2002 for two weeks at the Irvington Library Display Room (Irvington, New York). The library is located at 12 South Astor Street, Irvington, New York. Organized by Carol Lyons.
    • "Baren 911's New York Firemen's Benefit Exhibit". March 2002 for several weeks at the Palatine Village Hall, Palatine Illinois. Organized by Sharen Linder.
    • "Baren 911's New York Firemen's Benefit Exhibit". May 2002 for s two weeks in Tampa Bay, Florida. Organized by Daniel Dew.
    • "Text Messages", A collection of prints based on the text messages from the four Gospels. June 2002, Edinburgh, Scotland. Organized by Greg Robison.
    • "Sacred Trees and Endangered Species Exhibit", A combined Print Australia & Baren exhibit at Kent State University's Geauga Campus Gallery, Burton, Ohio. July thru August 2002. Organized by Gayle Wohlken.
    • "Baren Woodblock Print Exhibit". Selected prints from past Baren Exchanges. In combination with Japan Summer Fest, at The Northwest Print Council and The Portland Art Museum, August 2002. Organized by Barbara Mason

  • 2003 
    • "Baren Exchange Print Exhibit", Skokie Public Library, Skokie, Illinois. July 1st thru August 6th 2003. Selected prints from exchanges #12 thru #16 and the LPE I. Organized by: Julio Rodriguez

The Exchange program introduction page is here.

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