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Encyclopedia of Woodblock Printmaking

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Here is an overview of this outline page:

General Aspects of woodblock prints
The Woodcut process
The Wood Engraving process
Business Considerations
Teaching Printmaking
Collecting Prints
The 'Personal' Face of Printmaking
'Exhibitions' of prints and printmakers
Other sources of information on woodblock prints

General Aspects of woodblock prints


The Woodcut process


A: Carving equipment

  • Tool types
    • Basic carving tool types
    • Fundamentals of carving tool use
  • Sharpening
    • Equipment
    • Techniques
  • Other carving tools and accessories
    • Carving bench

B: Printing equipment

  • Barens
    • Baren types, construction, etc.
    • 'Breaking in' a new baren
    • Fundamentals of baren use
    • Re-covering the baren
    • Re-winding the baren coil
    • Baren alternatives
  • Brushes
    • Brush types, sizes, etc.
    • Preparing the brushes
    • Fundamentals of brush use
  • Other printing tools and accessories
    • 'Hakobi'
    • General printing layout
    • Printing bench



A: Wood

  • Wood types
  • Wood preparation

B: Pigments, etc.

  • Pigment types
  • Pigment preparation
  • Glue
  • Paste
  • Special 'pigments'

C: Paper

  • Paper types
  • Paper dimensions
  • Sizing


Basic Process of Making a Colour Print

A: Overviews of the Printmaking Process

  • The Japanese 'key-block' process
  • Prints without keyblocks
  • The 'reduction' process
  • 'White-line' woodcuts
  • Various artists' descriptions of their process ...

B: Preparation

  • Suitable designs
  • Preparing the tracing ('hanshita')
  • 'Kento'

C: Carving

  • Key block carving
    • 'Three stages'
    • Cutting the kento
    • Cleaning the carved block
  • Making colour separations
  • Colour block carving

D: Printing

  • Paper preparation
  • Printing process
  • Drying the prints


Technical Notes

A: Other carving techniques

  • Creating textures and tonal gradations
  • 'Ita bokashi' (block gradation)
  • Carving 'hair'
  • Fabric 'patterns'
    • Using real fabrics
    • Carved 'fabrics'
  • 'Sabi tsuke' (brush strokes)

B: Other printing techniques

  • Using an etching press
  • Kento adjustment
  • Using wood grain
  • 'Tsubushi' (smooth flat colour) printing
  • 'Goma zuri'
  • Overprinted colours
  • Gradation printing
  • Baren tsuji (baren marks)
  • Embossing
    • 'Karazuri'
    • 'Kimedashi'
  • Mica powder
  • Metals, gold leaf, etc.
  • 'Seals'
  • 'Front' printing
  • Chinese printing method
  • Problems for left-handed printmakers

C: Troubleshooting

  • Problems during carving
    • Block repairs
  • Problems during printing
    • Warped blocks
    • Paper expansion and registration adjustment
    • Blots, etc.
    • Poor 'impression'
    • Mold

D: The Printmaker's Workshop

E: 'One-point' Lessons



The Wood Engraving Process








Woodblock Printmaking terminology


Business considerations


Teaching printmaking


Collecting Prints


The 'Personal' Face of Printmaking


'Exhibitions' of prints and printmakers

Printmakers currently active on the Web

Prints from Printmakers in Uganda


Other sources of information on woodblock prints

World Wide Web links


Groups, Associations, etc.

Bibliography - Book Reviews


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