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David Bull

David became involved with woodblock printmaking after seeing Japanese prints in a small gallery in Toronto back in 1980. Since moving to Japan in 1986 he has lived in Tokyo, where he now makes his living as a printmaker. Always quick to interject "I am not an artist!" he considers himself a 'craftsman' - as if there were really any difference ...

His personal web site is here.

Mr. Matthew Brown

Matt is a woodblock printmaker living and working in rural New England. He is also an active 'campaigner' for this craft, teaching and writing about woodblock printmaking wherever and whenever he can.

Matt's web site, in which he shows many of his prints, can be found here.

John Amoss

John Amoss of Atlanta, Ga. is currently working as a full-time commercial illustrator. His love for graphic images, along with watercolor and woodworking experience has recently led him to persue the craft of Japanese hanga printmaking.

John's web site can be found here.

Mr. Mike Spollen

I'm not able to tell you much about Mike yet, because I don't even know where he lives (other than that it is on a pretty funky old farm somewhere ...) But if you visit his web site, in which he shows many of his prints and paintings, you'll perhaps start to get an idea of what he is like ...

Ms. Gayle Wohlken

Gayle is from a small village in Ohio, and belongs to a group of poets workshopping their poetry through Kent State University. She likes to do illustrations via woodcuts then scan them into a computer for pages in poetry books that she prints and binds herself.

Mr. Phil Bivins

Phil is a Registered Nurse working in a local hospital somewhere in North Carolina. He has been working in printmaking for just about a year; his Encyclopedia contributions are in the 'Personal Face of Printmaking' section.

Mr. Carl Homstad

Carl Homstad is an Iowa printmaker who has been working in this field for more than 20 years. His prints depict landscapes of nearby environments, both urban and rural.

Carl's web site, in which he shows many of his prints, can be found here.

Mr. James Mundie

For James, work on his incredibly detailed prints is an opportunity for "twiddling, futzing, and whatnot". At present somewhat unsure as to whether he is a printmaker or a painter, Jim lives in Philadelphia with his patient wife Kate.

Andrea Rich

Whether Andrea is more interested in wildlife rehabilitation or in printmaking is not clear - so much of her energy goes into both ... Her prints are produced from personal observations of wildlife in its natural habitat: Madagascar, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Africa ...

Andrea's web site, in which she shows many of her prints, can be found here.

Ms. Mary Krieger

Mary Krieger is a printmaker and painter living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She has been working with wood and ink since 1980. Her work is influenced by both the German Expressionist and the Japanese landscape woodcuts.

Mary's web site, in which she shows many of her prints, can be found here.

Bill Ritchie

Short bio to follow later ...

Bill's web site, a treasure trove of information, can be found here.

Jeanne Norman Chase

Jeanne has been teaching drawing and painting for 25 years, privately and at Ringling School of Art and Design. She decided to leave the teaching field 4 years ago and devote her time to her art..

Jeanne's web site, in which she shows many of her prints, can be found here.

Roger H. Boulet

Short bio to follow later ...

Mr. Boulet's web site can be found here.

Ruth Leaf

Short bio to follow later ...


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