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Thank you for your interest in writing a contribution for the Encyclopedia. It is the ultimate aim of the editors to produce a reference work that will be of use to all woodblock printmakers - no matter what their particular field of interest. To that end, it is necessary that we receive contributions of material from a wide variety of different sources - from printmakers working in any tradition, and at any level of achievement.

The Encyclopedia can never become too 'full', as there are always other viewpoints on even the most common and basic aspects of woodblock printmaking. We are thus soliciting contributions on every topic listed in the outline, whether or not other entries have been received. (And the outline itself is not necessarily complete; if your prospective contribution doesn't 'fit', we'll be quite happy to expand the outline to suit.)

Of course, we would be most happy if you have something to offer on one of those topics for which nothing has yet been contributed!

It is quite easy to contribute to the Encyclopedia. Here is what you must do:

(1) Contact the Editors

You can contact the editors by using this form. Drop us a note, introducing yourself and letting us know what sort of contribution you would like to make, in which areas of interest. The Editors will reply to your e-mail, and will discuss how he feels your ideas can be best used in the Encyclopedia.

(2) Prepare your Entry

Prepare your entry, trying to generally stay within the sort of layout that you see in the entries already present in the encyclopedia.

(3) Uploading and Editing

When you have a draft ready, either send the text to the Editors by email, or upload it to a directory on your web site, and send an e-mail to the Editors letting them know where it can be found. They will inspect it to see if what you have done fits in with the general style of the Encyclopedia, and may then make editorial recommendations to you.

Note that no attempt will be made to 'edit' your technical points or your opinions. The Editors simply want to ensure that the Encyclopedia maintains a consistent appearance and readability across all the entries, as well as a reasonable standard of language usage ...

(4) Linking from the Main Outline

Once any necessary rewriting, etc. has been done, and both you and the editors are satisfied with the result, the main Encyclopedia outline will be updated to include links to the new pages. You will also be added to the 'List of Contributors'.

* * *

Remember that entries in the Encyclopedia can be anything from a single paragraph explaining one small point ... right up to a full-scale tutorial on some major aspect of woodblock printmaking. You can 'start small' with a very simple entry if you wish.

By coordinating the knowledge and experience of printmakers all over the world, an Encyclopedia such as the world has never seen can come into being. It's going to take some years to get this all together - the basic framework is in place, but a great deal of the outline yet remains 'bare'. Please join us and help build this Encyclopedia. The tool we create together will continue to be of use to printmakers until the end of time, growing and evolving as the craft itself evolves ...

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