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Ukiyoe-Printing using a Vandercook Press

Posted by Julio at 2:28 AM, May 18, 2010

Printmaker Mark Herschede:

"A brief runthrough of the process I'm using right now to make a bank of images using woodcuts. By using tools which are not normally associated with one another, I've been working towards experimenting with mixing processes. Currently I'm researching the technical aspects of printing water based, japanese style woodblock printing on a vandercook through testing and manipulation of the materials involved."
"It is my hope to be scoffed at by Japanese moku-hanga printers and letterpress typesetting nerds alike. Please! Feel free to insult my experiments! (Or offer constructive criticism ;-) )! Get angry at my usage of a type proving press to print 'cuts'; become enraged at my seemingly smashing attempts at printing lovingly hand-inked blocks!"

For more info on Mark's experiments visit the links below.

Ukiyo-E printing on a Vandercook proofing press- a quick runthrough from Mark Herschede on Vimeo.



Is the paper damp? It was printed so fast it was hard to see the paper but it looked pretty heavy and not damp.
How does this work with lines? I would love to see more of this, also how does it work with a larger print?
I have never tried printing with a press but I think it would be possible on an etching press if you built a chase to hold the block,
the problem is doing it fast enough, which is eliminated with this press as the printing happens very quickly. I want to see more.

I have a Vandercook that I use to create my woodblocks and have begun to play with Rice Paste ink. I think your presentation is great and would love to see more. Will start applying the concept to my printing. Thanks

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