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Paul Binnie - latest print "Inazuma" (Lightning)

Posted by Julio at 11:23 PM, May 11, 2010

From Blue Rim gallery in London:

Paul Binnie, May 2010, (New release)
Oban, 66 x 32 cm. Edition of 40.

'Inazuma' means Lightning, but is a literary term that brings ideas of fertilising the fields derived from ancient poetry. The large format of this print gives a dramatic feeling of the verticality of the bolt of lightning as it crackles between dark clouds and rain to earth.

Within the edition of 40, there are 14 different printings, including 3 printings of solid black overlaid to achieve a deep, opaque darkness in the heaviest clouds.

To see a vast collection of Paul Binnie's prints at Blue Rim Gallery visit this link.


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Beautiful. I really love the rain effect. I'll look at his other work.

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