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Keizaburo Matsuzaki printer - the Art of Utamaro

Posted by Julio at 12:05 PM, April 25, 2010

Japanese woodblock printing 3 March 2010

In association with the exhibition Hymn to beauty: the art of Utamaro: printer Keizaburo Matsuzaki of Arakawa-ku, Tokyo creates reproductions of Utamaro's print designs over four days. The master printer has been featured many times on David Bull's website as he is one of David's friend & mentor.


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He makes it look so easy! I noticed that he uses two sets of kento's for the same block, that has got to be tricky. Very cool.

thank you for sharing. seeing him work leaves me
speechless. i am touched with his grace and beauty.

Magical. So effortless.

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