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Blanche Lazzell (1878-1956)

Posted by Julio at 3:41 PM, April 22, 2010

Blanche Lazzell (1878-1956) one of the founders of the Provincetown movement of White-line printmaking.

Link here for extensive bio and artist background.

Blanche Lazzell, Commercial Street Studio, Provincetown.

"The Seine boat", 1927,(14" X 12")

"Sail boat", 1931, (12" X 14")

"Provincetown Backyards", 1926, (14" X 12")



I saw her show when it was in Cleveland a few years ago, and I bought a copy of the book. This is a method I had been meaning to try. I did a few very tiny ones, and it was a fun, satisfying way to work. You don't get many prints, even working tiny, but each lifting of the paper to see what transpired was a thrill.

I've seen these before, but forgot about them.Thank you for posting them. They are the best of the best.

very nice! thanks and kisses

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