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To have your prints added to the 'Who is Baren' pages ([Baren] members only, please), you will need to do the following:

  • Prepare the images. For each member, up to three images may be included, and two copies of each are required - the main image and a 'thumbnail' version. They should be .jpg or .gif format, and must fall within the following dimensions:
      Main image not to exceed 400 pixels in either dimension
      Thumbnail not to exceed 200 pixels in either dimension.
  • Upload the images to the [Baren] ftp site. You can do this easily with any ftp program. Set the URL to point to:

    You need no userID or password. Simply upload the file(s) you wish to send.

  • After the image files are uploaded (you will not be able to see them listed in the ftp directory, as this is 'protected'), send an email to the webmanager, letting him know what you have done, and including such information as the print titles, etc.
  • Then just sit back and wait ... hopefully not too long!

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