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Pigment Miscellaneous

Sumi sticks

Each bag contains a random selection of various types of sumi stick, perhaps including broken pieces. They are used for making 'bokuju' - liquid sumi for calligraphy or printing.

Break them up into small pieces with a hammer, then leave them soaking in a bottle of water for perhaps half a year. After they have softened up, they can be ground into a thick paste in a mortar, and then strained through cheesecloth to remove any remaining hard pieces. The resulting thick rich liquid is thinned with water to 'taste' ...

'Neri-zumi' and Sumi sticks



Weight (g)

Price (US$)


Sumi sticks (500gr bag)

500 g


Sumi sticks (1,000gr bag)

1000 g




These 'Sakura' brand watercolours are designed for people doing their first experiments in woodblock printmaking. Mix them with a little water, apply them to the block along with a little rice paste, then brush the colour out smoothly.

The set of four contains: red, blue, yellow and black, and the set of seven adds green, brown, and 'gold'.

Watercolour pigments



Weight (g)

Price (US$)


Watercolours (set of four)

110 g


Watercolours (set of seven)

190 g



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