Linda Beeman, Ovid, Michigan USA

Information on the print:

Comments from the artist: Like everyone, I watched with horror the news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It is beyond me to comprehend entire towns wiped out and their populations missing. When the opportunity was presented to our printmaking community to give to relief efforts by making a print that would be sold with 100% going to that effort, I wanted to help. Coming up with an image that represented my thoughts and feelings and my style of landscape and water, was difficult. I didn't want to portray destruction. I wanted to portray hope. But I couldn't get the sounds out of my head. The sound of things shaking and crashing....the sound of people yelling....the sudden quiet as the quake stopped and everyone and everything regrouped. And then the water. Rushing, tossing everything in it's path, surging forward. The sound of water lapping against debris and finally the stillness and nothing is left to make a sound. After all of that, it is the sound of weeping I am left with in my heart, mind and soul.

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