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Forum Posting Guidelines


Posting Guidelines

To make the [Barenforum.org] Forum a pleasant place to meet, interact, and share ideas with other members, a few rules should be observed.

  1. This forum is about woodblock/woodcut printmaking; your postings should be very restricted to this topic. As you can see from browsing in the archives, other topics also get some attention, but it should also be evident that off-topic discussions soon shift over to [Baren After Five], the 'social circle' of the group. So please - especially if you are a newcomer - stay with the woodcut topic. If you have doubt if your posting is adequate for this list, please contact another member for clarification.
  2. You are very welcome to present your work and views, even those which differ from views of other members of [Baren]. Feel encouraged to announce your exhibits, and to mention your accomplishments, but please refrain from using this forum for any commercial or advertising purposes.
  3. You may not harass, abuse or threaten other members of the group, explicitly or in insinuations.
  4. You may not post content that is obscene, otherwise objectionable, or in violation of federal or state laws. Keep in mind that [Baren] is an international group, and therefore postings which have political overtones, denigrate another country, or are boastful of your own country should be avoided.
  5. You may not post content which infringes the intellectual property, privacy or other rights of third parties.
  6. The Administrative Council, through the authority of the Moderator, reserves the right to remove content considered in clear violation of the above mentioned rules. It also reserves the right to suspend members clearly violating the spirit and rules of this forum, temporarily or permanently, immediately and without prior notice.
  7. If you feel harassed or threatened or otherwise violated in your rights by any member of this form please contact the Forum Moderator or any member of the Council.
  8. Please try to avoid posting more than once a day; instead of sending several short notes, reply to a number of things in one longer post, with clearly marked sections. (Also consider that some messages such as congratulations may be more effective as a personal email than a posting on the forum.) These 'rules' are necessary because of the amount of traffic generated. The list moderator has the right - and duty !!! - to eventually block postings not in compliance with such requirements. All you need to do is to put your mailing in a suitable form, and it will be processed without further problems. Note, this is only about 'form' and not about 'content'.
  9. As mentioned above, if you have any questions about posting please contact the Forum Moderator, a member of the Council or any member of [Baren]; most of them are likely willing and able to offer you some advice.

The [Barenforum.org] Forum Moderator and Administrative Council


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