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[Baren] "Inspired by Japan" Fundraiser

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INTRODUCTION by Barbara Mason

"Inspired by Japan" Relief for Japan's Tsunami victims.

The interest in the relief print project has been heart warming. We all have friends in Japan and have benefited by our relationship with the Baren Forum.

This edition of prints will be a total donation and I expect it to be the high caliber of work that represents our organization in a stellar manner. The opportunities that come from this type of a fundraiser are ten fold. I have already received offers to exhibit the prints in several countries and this will also help raise more funds and add to everyone’s resume.

The cut off date for inclusion in the portfolios will be June 1, 2011. This is a long way out but will allow anyone on the fence to make a last minute decision to be included. I need the work here in Oregon by June 15, 2011. We are now at 67 participants, any new signups will go on a waiting list.

We will be partnering with the Portland Japanese Gardens for our marketing in the first go round. More info to come on this.

Project website will be here

The size and number of prints has come into question so see the DETAILS section below for more info.

Send work after May 12 and before mid June to:

Barbara Mason
4440 SW 198th
Aloha OR 97007 USA

*US Postal mail is the cheapest so use that for shipping


Special Discount offer on Paper

McClains Printmaking Supply has agreed to sell us 20 sheets of paper for 50% off.

To the Baren Forum:

When checking out, you will see a box marked "Special Instructions." All you need to do is write "tsunami" in that box and we will give them the discount. You will NOT see the discount on the acknowledgement but we will take care of it here.

Please also be reminded that Oregon does not have a sales tax, and the estimated shipping cost in the shopping cart is always high. There is a box you can mark requesting the least expensive shipping option for your order and I would suggest they mark that unless they have a strong preference one way or the other. The least expensive shipping is usually UPS Ground unless the order is under 3lbs, and then Priority Mail could be less.

What a fantastic response you have had! It truly is heart warming. Thanks so much for letting McClain's join in.

Alex Prentiss / McClain's Printmaking Supplies
15685 SW 116th Avenue PMB 202
King City, OR 97224-2695 USA
503-641-3555 phone / 503-641-3591 fax / 800-832-4264 orders
alex@imcclains.com / www.imcclains.com

Portfolio Donation

Courtesy of Daler-Rowney and Dick Blick and thanks to Tina Browder, a Baren Forum member who works for Dick Blick, we are getting 60 portfolios for FREE for this project. The manufacturer and the distributor are sharing the donation 50/50.

They will be 12x16" and you can see them here at Dick Blick portfolios

  • Medium: Woodblock print (hand rubbed or pulled on a press, B&W or colour, any pigments, any paper). Note: The Baren promotes the creation, exchange and display editions of woodblock prints. Relief prints pulled from wood substitutes and wood-like materials, including linoleum, corian, MDF, resingrave, and similar are acceptable as are collagraphs. Coordinators are obligated to reject prints whose primary method of production is by other means. For example: monotype, intaglio, stencil, lithography, ink jet, laser, photocopy, etc are to be rejected by the coordinator.
  • Technique : none
  • Theme: "Inspired by Japan"
  • Image size: Any size and orientation within the paper
  • Paper size:Oban 10 x 15 inches (or smaller if paper cost is a factor)
  • Paper type: No restriction
  • Edition size: 31 prints
  • Registration period: -TBA or until we reach 60+ participants
  • SIGN UP: Send email to project coordinator Barbara Mason.
  • Drop-out deadline: June 1, 2011 If you must drop out of the fundraiser project, please do so as early as possible in order to give people on the waiting list time to complete and submit their prints.
  • Delivery deadline for finished prints: June 15, 2011 (Send work after May 12 and before mid June)
  • Colophon information: Please fill out and submit the print information form to send your print details for the colophon page the coordinator will prepare as soon as possible after your prints are mailed. "Inspired by Japan" Colophon Info

  • Participation: You must be an active member of [Baren] in order to participate in this project. The mailing list that makes up [Baren] is open to everyone to join, and the membership is thus made up of a mix of 'lurkers' and active participants in the forum. Signing up for this project obliges your active participation in [Baren] discussions... If you remain a 'mystery' name, it leaves everyone feeling quite uncomfortable.
  • Rejected prints: If your prints do not conform to the above specifications for Medium, Image size, Paper size, Paper type, and/or Delivery deadline then the coordinator could promptly reject them, notify you by email, and (if you enclosed sufficient postage) promptly return them. You may repair and/or replace the prints prior to the delivery deadline or drop out of the project.
  • Communications: email for coordinator: fundraiser_coordinator

Contact your coordinator: fundraiser_coordinator
Address to which prints should be shipped:
    Barbara Mason
    4440 SW 198th
    Aloha OR 97007 USA



Current status of the [Baren] "Inspired by Japan" Fundraiser subscription list:

  1. Andrew Stone
  2. Erin K. Nolan
  3. Carol Chapel
  4. Linda Beeman
  5. Mary Caulfield
  6. Sharri LaPierre
  7. Viza Arlington
  8. Diana Moll
  9. Mary Grassell
  10. Amanda Gordon Miller
  11. Sarah Hauser
  12. Melea Press
  13. Carol Lyons
  14. Jean Womack
  15. Carol L. Myers
  16. Andrea Starkey
  17. Maria Arango Diener
  18. Bea Gold
  19. Ellen Shipley
  20. Jeanne Norman Chase
  21. Oscar Bearinger
  22. Guadalupe Victorica
  23. Kolene Dietz
  24. Renee Ugrin
  25. Rakesh Bani
  26. Preston Lawing
  27. Andy English
  28. Tom Kristensen
  29. Carlota Santamaria
  30. Gayle Wohlken
  31. Lynita Shimizu
  32. Sharen Linders
  33. Raymond Hudson
  34. Mike Lyon
  35. Richard Stockham
  36. Alexander (Olek) Wozniak
  37. Cyndy Wilson
  38. Angelo Rodrigues
  39. Carole Dwinell
  40. Michelle Morrell
  41. Ayesha Vemuri
  42. Le Green
  43. Julio Rodriguez
  44. Jennifer Martindale
  45. Gillyin Gatto
  46. Kalle P.ihlajasaari
  47. Louise Cass
  48. Aaron Gillette
  49. Lynne Hubner
  50. Maria Regina Pinto Pereira
  51. Tina Browder
  52. Wouter Ten Broek
  53. Barbara Mason
  54. Eileen Corder
  55. Diane Cutter
  56. Barbara Carr
  57. Clive Lewis
  58. Margot Rocklen
  59. Mark Mason
  60. Chris Doogan
  61. Leigh Beatty
  62. April Vollmer
  63. Sylvia Taylor
  64. Ben Szoller
  65. Terry Peart
  66. Sonia Jensen
  67. Jennifer Kelly

Waiting List:

Participant list last updated on
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