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Sign-up for Exchange #93 is **OPEN**

Details of [Baren Exchange #93]

  • Registration period: Four weeks starting July 9, 2023 - SIGN-UP Below -
  • Communications pertaining to the exchange are sent to the Barenforum YahooGroup AND via email:
    PLEASE be sure your email address below is valid/working and you check it at least once per week!

I have read the details and want to join! Please include my name on the list of participants for [Baren] Exchange #93


Current email address:

Would you like to serve as exchange coordinator (Read the information for coordinators page)?

Choose me! Choose me! (Yes, I want to coordinate)
Let's talk about it ... (Maybe)
Me? No way ... (No thanks)
I live too far away! (or I would if I could but I can't so I won't)

Other comments ...

When you have filled in all the info,
press the button to send it in

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