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[Baren] Exchange #91

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Details of [Baren Exchange #91]

** CLOSED **

  • Medium: Woodblock print (hand rubbed or pulled on a press, B&W or colour, any pigments, any paper).

    Baren Exchange is a program for forum members to create, exchange and display editions of woodblock prints. Relief prints pulled from wood substitutes and wood-like materials, including linoleum, corian, MDF, resingrave, and similar are acceptable as are collagraphs. Coordinators are obligated to reject prints whose primary method of production is by other means. For example: monotype, intaglio, stencil, lithography, ink jet, laser, photocopy, etc are to be rejected by the coordinator.

  • Theme: OPEN
  • Paper size: 7 x 8 inches (17.8 X 20.3cm)
  • Image size: Any size to fit paper (any orientation), any number and shape of panels
  • Paper type: No restriction
  • Registration period: OPEN November 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022 > SIGN UP PAGE CLOSED
  • Drop-out deadline: January 31th, 2023 If you must drop out of the exchange, please do so as early as possible in order to give people on the waiting list time to complete and submit their prints.
  • Delivery deadline for finished prints: February 28th, 2023
  • PLEASE carefully observe drop-out and delivery deadlines and print requirements. See penalty below.
  • Colophon information: Please fill out and submit the print information form to send your print details for the colophon page as soon as you have the information. The coordinator gathers the information to prepare the colophon prior to mailing. If you do not submit any information, only your name and location will be published alongside your print.
    SUBMIT Exchange #91 print information form
  • Participation: You must be an active member of [Baren] in order to participate in this exchange.
    The mailing list that makes up [Baren] is open to everyone to join, and the membership is thus made up of a mix of 'lurkers' and active participants in the forum. Signing up for an Exchange obliges your active participation in [Baren] discussions... If you remain a 'mystery' name, it leaves everyone feeling quite uncomfortable.
    SUBSCRIBE to the [Baren] Forum
  • Communications: email for coordinator: coordinator91@barenforum.org
    It is essential that the coordinator be in close and timely communication with you. You must respond promptly to e-mails sent from the coordinator and must notify the coordinator of any change in e-mail address. If you become 'lost' and do not respond to communications from the coordinator, you may be dropped from the exchange without further notice. If this occurs after the Drop-out deadline, a penalty may imposed.
  • Rejected prints: If your prints do not conform to the above specifications for Medium, Image size, Paper size, Paper type, and/or Delivery deadline then the coordinator should promptly reject them, notify you by email, and (if you enclosed sufficient postage) promptly return them. You may repair and/or replace the prints prior to the delivery deadline or drop out of the exchange prior to the drop-out deadline without penalty.
  • Penalty: The [Baren] Exchange Manager will promptly notify you by email if it is determined that you are subject to penalty, which may prevent you from future participation in [Baren] Exchanges. Please see this page for all the Exchange Rules of Participation.
  • Delivery information: You must enclose a print for each participant plus ONE ARCHIVE PRINT (see list below), a self-addressed mailing label, and sufficient return postage (in the coordinator's native currency or postage). If you do not know the exact amount of return postage, please send more than you think will be required, a guideline is $12 for USA to USA delivery, $25 for international delivery. Please deliver your prints in a package that can easily be reused for shipping the collated suite back to you.
  • In the USA, the best way to send the prints is Priority Mail. Flat rate envelope is $7.90 anywhere in the US and will fit the smaller chu-ban exchanges. For larger size exchanges, please see:
    Calculate postage at USPS.com
  • For International Priority Mail please see: Calculate postage at USPS.com
Contact your coordinator: coordinator91@barenforum.org
Ship/post Exchange #91 prints to this address:
    Dana Wangsgard
    131 Oak Meadow Dr.
    Berea, Kentucky
    USA, 40403



Current status of the [Baren] Exchange #91 subscription list:
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  2. Barbara Carr
  3. Theresa Martin
  4. Martha Knox
  5. William Joel
  6. Dana Wangsgard
  7. Julio Rodriguez
  8. Maria H Diener
  9. Bronwyn Merritt
  10. Marlene Vidibor
  11. Frank Trueba
  12. August Mezzetta
  13. Bea Gold
  14. George Jarvis
  15. Renee Ugrin
  16. Marilynn Smith
  17. Mike Lyon
  18. Larry Phelps
  19. John Center

Waiting List:

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