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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 2: List Rules and Etiquette

(This FAQ last updated: November 27, 1999)

This is FAQ #2 of two. This FAQ includes questions about the list itself. The other FAQ includes a bit of information about woodblock printmaking.

Note that technical information about how to subscribe, unsubscribe, post to the list, and change to digest mode is available on the [Baren] information page.

  1. What is this list like?
  2. How much mail will I get?
  3. Are there any rules I should follow?
  4. What are some other hints to keep in mind about posting?
  5. What about "me too" posts?
  6. Why am I not getting any mail? Is the list down?
  7. Does the list software handle email attachments?

What is this list like?

Be warned that this list is sometimes very active. It is friendly, but sometimes quite 'noisy'. When you first join us, you'll notice that people often refer to projects and techniques that we've been discussing for a while. Be undaunted, however, and just read along. As with joining any conversation mid-stream, listen for a while before joining in. If you can't understand something, then ask one of the participants (not the entire list) what you've missed.

If you are a "newbie," please read the list for a few days before posting anything to it. You may certainly send a private email to any other list member whenever you feel the urge. Think of joining this list as moving into a new neighborhood: you won't know everyone or everything right away, but you'll soon discover that it's a great place to live!

How much mail will I get?

Over the past year, volume levels have averaged 10~12 messages a day. If you don't want this many pieces of mail in your inbox, you can subscribe in digest mode. See the [Baren] information page to find out how to do this.

Are there any rules I should follow?

There are only a few real rules on this list, and they simply follow common-sense list etiquette:

  1. Do try and stick to our topic - woodblock printmaking. All posts to this list should be predominantly about woodblock work. You may post anything that has to do with this (except advertising). General 'chat' and off-topic conversations should be confined to the 'After Five' group, please.


  2. Try to avoid posting more than once a day. This 'rule' is necessary because of the amount of traffic we generate. Instead of sending several short notes, reply to a number of things in one longer post, with clearly marked sections.


  3. Be polite, on the list and in private email to other list members. We don't have too much trouble with this one. However, insulting another person's intelligence, integrity, technique, or choice of techniques is not cool. The list-owner reserves the right to remove anyone from the list for rude behavior; this has never been necessary.


  4. Do not advertise your prints, or post prices for any items you want to sell. We must keep this list free of all the "Sell Sell Sell" noise that spoils most of cyberspace.


  5. Don't post telling people that they've broken the rules. That's the list-owner's job ... When general members start to criticize other members openly, it inevitably leads to hostility and trouble. Write to the list-owner privately if you really feel that something needs to be aired.


  6. Do not send messages by email when posting from a 'public' computer in an Internet Cafe, or a Public Library. Use instead, the web pages set up on this site, to make your posting via the web directly. (This is to reduce the risk of virus transmission to the list.)

What are some other hints to keep in mind about posting?

  • A good rule of thumb about whether you should post an item to the list or not is this: imagine that you are in an auditorium with a hundred other printmakers. Would you stand up, ask for their attention, and then say this? If not, please reconsider posting it.


  • Be specific in the subject line of your posting. The clearer you are here, the easier it is for everybody to know what you're writing about.


  • If you are posting about a number of topics, break your posts up into discrete sections with separation markers (*** for example). This helps people who only have time to skim, and are interested in some topics but not others.


  • If you reply to a post, you can choose to reply either to the entire list, or just to the person who sent the note. Consider which is appropriate. For example, notes that say things like "I agree" and not much else should go to the sender, not the whole list.


  • If you are replying to a posting, quote only the minimum amount necessary to make it clear what you are referring to, not the entire message. Repeating the entire original message in your posting makes the digests extremely wearying to read.


  • Never - repeat: never - pass on any messages about computer viruses, etc. We have all seen these hoaxes a million times. This is not the place for dissemination of such information.

What about "me too" posts?

Please try to avoid them. "Me too" posts are messages such as "Please send me that address too," or "I agree." Instead, use private email to contact the person who volunteered the particular piece of information, and ask that they forward it on to you. If that person gets many such requests, they can post the information to the list.

Why am I not getting any mail?

If you know that you are subscribed to the list, and you suddenly stop receiving any mail from it, chances are good that there is a temporary problem with the server. Please do not:

  • send messages to the list asking if it is down
  • resubscribe immediately

Doing either of these only increases frustration. If you are impatient, then send messages to two or three other list subscribers to see if they are getting mail, and then wait at least 24 hours. If, after a day or two, you are not getting mail when others are, then send a message to the list-owner to see what the matter is. Remember that the digests are archived, so you won't miss anything.

Does the list software handle email attachments?

In a word - no. Attachments are things that you deliberately link to a piece of email, such as a picture or a file from a word processor, or they may be electronic "signatures" that your email software attaches to your emails without your knowledge. Attachments can seriously disrupt the email programs of people who download the list digests to read them. Please do not send encoded signatures with your mail, and do not send mail in HTML format.

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