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Tsukasa Yoshida Year of the Ox print

Posted by Julio at 4:31 PM, August 19, 2009

Anyone familiar with the Yoshida family of printmakers knows of founder Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) and son's Toshi (1911-1995) and Hodaka (1926-1995). Besides the men, the women artists in the family also have carried on the family legacy.

The Yoshida family studio and enterprises is currently run by Toshi's son Tsukasa Yoshida (b. 1949) a well known printmaker on his own right. I was looking over Matsumura-san collection of Year of the Ox prints when I came across this wonderful image by Tsukasa. For more info on the Yoshida family visit this link at Artelino.com



looking for e mail address of tsukasa-have woodblock print by Kiso (mother)to see if he would like to purchase it ? tks forrest

@forrest It has been a while since you posted this. Do you still have the Kiso print?

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