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Tom Killion Workshop

Posted by Julio at 12:07 PM, July 14, 2009

As I mentioned last week I had an opportunity to visit with Tom at a woodblock printmaking workshop offered by Columbia College in downtown Chicago. Tom was gracious enough to invite me to attend the workshop and although scheduling conflicts would not permit me to attend the two day class I was able to drop in for a few hours on Sunday morning talk with Tom and take some photos.

The workshop was preceeded by a Friday night lecture/slide presentation at which Tom talked in depth about his printmaking technique and his passion for the California landscape.

"Mt. Tamalpais from Bulkley Ave., Sausalito". Multi-block reduction cut with 13 color-layers, printed Fall 2008 in edition of 165, image size 13X14.5"

You can read more about Tom's technique (mix of western/oil/reduction and Japanese traditional moku-hanga) and see his extraordinary prints at his website. Tom Killion's website is at: http://tomkillion.com/

(Click on any photo to bring up a larger image)

Friday night presentation...woodblock print step-by-step from
sketch to final color impression.

The photos below are pretty self explanatory as Tom is mixing ink, registering and proofing student's blocks on a large motorized Vandercook press.

More photos below.......


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I wish people did workshops here in Tampa. We are so bereft of anything artistic, I feel like a fish out of water sometimes.

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