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Homemade press

Posted by Julio at 5:57 AM, January 25, 2009

This short video shows a homemade press that can be used for letterpress and possibly other forms of relief printmaking. Pretty ingenious and inexpensive design.


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This is very good. Thank you for putting it together.

I believe it you cut a pair of vertical side pieces and a back piece that match the profile of your presses lower half and biscuit and glue these to the sides, you will gain significant ridge support and eliminate the flexing of the lower section.

I suggest you use hardwood for the sides and back edge and a double 4/4 thickness would not be overkill, IMO. Ash, Maple or Oak would do well but look for kiln dried stock what ever you use. Use pleanty of woodworkers glue, Titebond glues are excellent.

You can also add a pair of caster wheels to the back hardwood piece so when you need to store it, lifting it from the front will allow you to more easily wheel it into it's storage place.

Please share more when you have the time.


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