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Special in the [Baren] Mall ... free prints!

Posted by Dave Bull at 4:28 AM, October 1, 2005

A new page has just gone up in the [Baren] Mall ... a special offer of a free print with every order over $100.

The 'Special Offer' page is linked from the Mall Map:

Our current special offer to [Baren Mall] customers is a handmade Japanese woodblock print.

A while back, one of our members living in Japan saw an interesting item posted on Yahoo Auctions there. It was for a stack of 50 woodblock printed Xmas cards dating from the 1960s. They had come from a professional printer's workshop, and were presumably 'left-overs' from an order placed with him by a company having cards made up for their clients. (click to enlarge photos)

One of the Prints

They are real woodblock prints ... carved and printed by hand. As you can see from the photos, there is an inner face with the Xmas greetings (in Japanese) from the company, but you could trim this off if you wish ...

The stack we purchased

An opened card

What is our 'special offer' on these? Simple ... we will send one of these to you at no charge after you place any order of over $100.

As they say ... 'offer good while supplies last'. We have set aside 25 of these cards for this purpose, so the supply should last for a little while ...

If your order doesn't reach the $100 level, you can still get one of these prints; they are $5 each (post paid)



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