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The [Baren] New Year's Card Exchanges

Baren Forum began sponsoring its annual New Year's Card Exchange for the 2000 new year and has continued this popular exchange in each subsequent year. The exchange prints are to be designed around that year's Chinese Zodiac Animal. Each year, members sign up by providing their name and mailing address, then print and mail a card to every other participant, preferably before the Chinese new year begins. Prints should be hand-pulled, about 4 x 6 inches and may be in any media (not limited to woodblock). There is no 'moderator' -- you are on your honor to mail a print to each person on the list just as each of them are on their honor to mail one to you.

2015 (Sheep) Gallery -----> (participants)

2014 (Horse) Gallery -----> (participants)

2013 (Snake) Gallery -----> (participants)

2012 (Dragon) Gallery -----> (participants)

2011 (Rabbit) Gallery ------>(participants)

2010 (Tiger) Gallery ------>(participants)

2009 (Ox) Gallery ------> (participants)

2008 (Rat) Gallery ------> (participants)

2007 (Boar) Gallery -----> (participants)

2006 (Dog) Gallery ------> (participants)

2005 (Rooster) Gallery --> (participants)

2004 (Monkey) Gallery --> (participants)

2003 (Sheep) Gallery

2002 (Horse) Gallery

2001 (Snake) Gallery

2000 (Dragon) Gallery