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[Baren] Exchange Cases

Exchange Cases

Here are a couple of photographs of the type of case we use for the [Baren] exchange folios. It is a simple type of case - a dark blue cloth-covered 'flop-open' type box (with cords for tying it closed), contained in a cardboard slip case. The prints simply stack up inside it.


It costs just over $30 to have these made, and when we include the cost to ship the batch of cases over to the coordinator it works out to nearly $36 each.

If you are a participant in a current [Baren] Exchange, and want one of these cases for storing your prints, then please use this form to order one.

A label form is here, with which you can prepare your own 'official' exchange labels for your case.

Order form for Exchange cases

Select the item you wish to order from this form, then click on the 'Add to Cart' button.

Case for 'o-ban' exchanges. ($35.)

Case for 'chu-ban' exchanges. ($35.)

Shipping Charges: These cases are stocked in the US by the Mall Manager; a shipping charge of (8.00) will be added. (Please note that the cost of these case does not include any of the costs for your exchange prints to be shipped to you from the coordinator. That payment should be included with your prints when you submit them.)

Note: Anyone may order this case - not just exchange participants. If you were perhaps in a previous exchange and did not order a case at that time, you may order one now.