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Calendars for 2004

This year, for the first time, the members of the [Baren] group got together on the making of woodblock-printed calendars. As usual, there were many opinions on just what kind of calendars should be made, and it was difficult to come to a clear agreement. The solution? Make a bunch of different kinds!

The calendar formats available this year are:

  • 'Free design' (full page)
  • Landscape
  • Nudes
  • Postcard

For the 'Full-Page' calendars, participants were assigned the task of producing a full calendar page incorporating the calendar information into their design. The only 'rule' was that the dimensions should match the prescribed standard - 7 1/2 x 10 inches. Each completed calendar of course contains twelve prints.


For the 'Nudes' calendars, participants had to contribute only the image portions of the page. Their prints were mounted onto pre-printed stock calendar forms (approx. 11 x 14") and bound to create the final product.


The 'Landscapes' calendars, worked the same way - the prints were mounted onto pre-printed stock calendar forms.


For the 'Postcard' calendars, participants submitted small (4 x 6") prints which were then mounted on pre-printed calendar forms (approximately 7 x 7"). These sheets are loose (not bound), and come with an upright stand for table or desktop display. More than twelve people participated in this part of the project, so the calendars are available in set (a) and (b). (Set 'breakdown' is shown on this page.)


If you want to see more of the images on this year's calendars, a selection of them is available linked from this page of the [Baren] website.



Order form for Calendars

Select the appropriate item from the forms below, then click on the 'Add to Cart' button.

A shipping charge of $6. will be added to each order (for any number of calendars).

Note for [Baren] members: In order that everybody can have a chance at getting these calendars, we are asking that you not order more than 2 sets of any type. Thank you.

Another note: Stock is now running very low on some of these calendars; your order will be filled depending on stock in hand. If your requested calendar is no longer available, your credit card will not be charged ...


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