Baren Print Exhibit - Skokie Public Library

Skokie, Illinois
July 1st thru August 6th, 2003

I am going to take you for a virtual walkthru of the exhibit area. We are going to enter the main exhibition room and pass prints by David Bull, Barbara Mason and yours truly. Then as we turn to the wood paneled wall at our right we see a selection of prints from exchange #15. Then follow along toward the far corner of the room to see prints from exchange #16. Turning back around we see six prints by featured artist Mike Lyon and then finally selected B&W images from exchange #12 on the opposite wall. Now we'll go ahead and exit the room to make our way up the stairs to the second floor exhibit area. Here you'll find prints from the Music exchange #13, LPE I and other selected prints from exchanges #14, #15 and #12. Thank you for participating !!! !

Photos: Julio Rodriguez (* at the time of the photos not all title tags were up)
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