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[Baren] Exchange Information Sheet

[Baren] Exchange #92 - Colophon information sheet ...

In order for us to start getting the colophon ready for this exchange, we will need a bit of information from each of you - name, your geographical location, and the title of the print. For archiving purposes, please also include ALL the information requested below. Also remember that all this information is copied and pasted into the web pages so it will appear exactly as you type it!

Please submit this info as soon as it is decided, as we would like to print out the colophon as early as possible. The longer you delay, the longer it will be before you get your package!



Location (e.g. Tokyo, Japan or Las Vegas, Nevada etc.)

Email address:

Title of print:

Paper size (use in or cm please, rather than quotes or symbols):

Image size (use in or cm please, rather than quotes or symbols):


Pigment or Ink(s):


Edition Size:

Process Notes and/or Image Comments (Also website or blog if you would like that published online):

When you have filled in all the info, answer this spam protection question, then press the left button to submit your data.

What is the name of the printing tool that the Baren forum is named after (five letters!)?

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