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Block printer extraordinaire !

Posted by Julio at 7:02 PM, March 7, 2009

Now for something a bit different !

Iqbal demonstrates block printing in the Anokhi Museum in Amber, India. Iqbal is astonishingly skillful and well worth watching.
Watch how he uses a simple piece of newspaper to turn 90 degree angles in the design and also the ease of registration when printing multiple colors. Notice how to save effort the pigment tray is 'pushed' along by the printer as he makes his way down the paper.

Here is an additional video on the art of Hand Printing from Geobeats.com



Julio, these videos are fabulous! I have some of these blocks that I picked up years ago but have never seen them in use. Thanks for posting them.

This is so fascinating. Do you know what the pigment is that is being applied?
I too have a couple of these blocks that I bought years ago at Cost Plus and never knew exactly what they were used for.
Thank you.
C. Chapel

this is remarkable! The fabrics are beautiful and the skill of the printers is enviable!

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