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Kawase Hasui 1950's video

Posted by Julio at 2:02 AM, February 22, 2009

Found this old movie clip from what looks like the 1950's and probably
created by the Watanabe Studio as propaganda. It starts famous artist Kawase Hasui and master carver Maeda Kentaro (printer's name not known). I looked at the Hasui galleries' at Hanga.com but could not identify this particular Hasui image. If anyone has more info or knows the title of this print please leave a comment.

The video takes you step-by-step in the making of a woodblock print. Small clip shows the covering of a baren and near the end how the printer quickly makes an adjustment to the kento. Unfortunately it looks like either the filming or the video copy was cut a bit short....anyway this is wonderful stuff not to be missed !!!



Excellent resource, thanks Julio.
There is so much to learn from such a short snippet.

That was a great clip! Knowing what I know now, yes, it was cut short. If I had used this as a reference when learning I would've been driven nuts because they leave out some key steps. I'm glad I watched it because it is invaluable to see the way the carver holds the knife and the the way the printer primes the bak-e. The printer adjusting the kento was slick as hell though!

Fantastic find - thanks for posting it! It was also interesting to see how he holds his carving tools so differently from the way I hold mine.

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