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Japanese print in modern day advertising

Posted by Julio at 4:15 PM, October 8, 2008

Invest in Japan Symposium 2008

Invest in Japan Symposium 2008. This upcoming symposium is designed to highlight investment opportunities in the Japanese market. I thought it was an interesting use of a traditional Japanese print image.

I found this while browsing the Chicago SunTimes newspaper where the same image was used and covered about half the page. The Symposium is sponsored by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) ad METI (Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry).

Quote:"...there has been a dramatic change in the mindset of the Japanese government and business community toward FDI. A realization has been made that in order for the economy to grow, Japan must be open to the world."

This is also interesting as 140 years ago Japan made a somewhat similar decision when opening it's door to welcome the West and it's culture.

The artist is Toshusai Sharaku one of the most famous (and short lived careers (1794-1795)) portrait artist in Japanese printmaking history. I found the same image on my PC among my collection of Japanese print images but in the advertising Sharaku's image has been reversed !

For more on Sharaku visit this link by John Fiorillo:
Viewing Japanese Prints


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