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Subject: Road Trip to Beach Museum and Cafe Beautiful
Posted by: Mike Lyon

Sandy and Christine Kemper of The Collectors Fund organized a select group to make a road trip to see my exhibition at the Beach Museum in Manhattan, Kansas and then dine together at Cafe Beautiful in Lawrence.  We gathered at 1pm at the Collectors Fund offices in Kansas City, boarded our van, and started out on what turned out to be a VERY short two-hour drive to Manhattan and the Beach!  Lunch and champagne were served almost immediately — delicious beef and chicken sandwiches, grilled veggies and dip, chips, candy-dipped cherries and more.  As the first three bottles of champagne were emptied, the conversation grew a bit…  Livelier?  LOL!  FUN, fun, fun!!!

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Subject: Getting on with it.....
Posted by: Sue

Just a quickie to show you the latest stage. Mostly the work has been done to the courtyard area. I shall be doing more tonight........

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