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From: guadalupe Vic
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 01:52:39 GMT
Subject: [Baren 38736] RE: New Baren Digest (HTML) V47 #4795 (Apr 24, 2009)
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Political or Action art as advertising. This discussion is very interesting to me. In México something similar happens. Maybe we are talking of different issues and both sides are right.

I do exhibits of my students that participate in family Violence and Human Development workshops. Two years ago I organized an exhibit with 50 something self portraits for the girls from the youth center. The portartraits were magnificent; I wish I could paint like some of them. Personal information and plans for the future accompanied the portraits.
The material had more artistic value than other exhibits I have seen.

The art professionals decided that any political, human development or art and therapy art was not pure art. So I had to find a multipurpose gallery that belong to my church.

I started a series of nudes for a Violence against Juarez women march in Saltilllo and people from my city liked them. I guess they do not relate it to a political topic.

Whenever I have to submit art for jury I am sending this series of nudes that I have done for the topic of violence for women but I have to change the titles to a more psychological theme.

Maybe critics think that if you are so much concerned with the topic you are not concerned with the technique or concepts of contemporary art. I do not know, but in México there is a big issue on this.
Best Regards, Guadalupe

Dra. Guadalupe Victorica

Arte Desarrollo Humano

Segunda Convocatoria Internacional Grabados por la Paz México 2009 IMNRC
Primer Colectiva Internacional de Grabado 2009
Second International Prints for Peace 2009, First International Printmaking Collective 2009
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Message 2
From: Sharri LaPierre
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 06:37:34 GMT
Subject: [Baren 38737] Re:
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Visa, my dear, I couldn't agree more
Shall we include Shakespeare, Pechstein, Keats, oh my! we could go on
forever ;-)

Cheers ~

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Subject: [River in Spring - 6] : Two more colours ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

Continued from [River in Spring - 5] | Starting point of the thread is [River in Spring - 1]

Two more impressions today; first the base tone for the reflection of the rocky area of the shore:

And we begin to build up the patchy tones of the different trees on the mountainside:

You of course can guess what's going to come into the open area in the middle, a couple of days from now!

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Subject: Figuring it Out at the Beach Musuem of Art
Posted by: Mike Lyon

Figuring it Out: Mike Lyon Drawings and Prints at the Beach Museum of Art, Manhattan, Kansas opened April 14 and runs through July 19, 2009. Exhibition catalog PDF download

panorama of exhibition
distorted panorama of exhibition

video walk through of exhibition

view of exhibition
view of exhibition (senior curator Bill North on right)

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Subject: Tiger & Sloth -- New Ink 8-]
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Made In the Shade 4"x6"

Woo and hoo! 8-] Success finally. I ordered some new ink -- Akua intaglio (also good for woodcuts) -- and it just came this morning. I've been printing up a storm (hopefully not for real, as it's quite overcast out there today).
;- j

I love Akua ink! It stays wet forever (hopefully not on the print!). I was able to print close to 20 prints today and probably could have gone on longer but I got pooped.

I haven't taken any pics on my own press yet -- a Griffin -- so I took a couple today. Doesn't really show the press. Oh well, I'll get around to that. But I can't keep using the old printmaking class press shots when I put something up on Etsy.

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