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Subject: Studio Construction: More progress - the ceiling is now insulated ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

Another page showing the progress of the studio construction has been uploaded; the ceiling is now insulated!

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Subject: New Year Card ... Block Closeups
Posted by: Dave Bull

My new year 'cards' flew away around a week ago, and I'm already getting 'Got it!' reports from here and there. Those sent to addresses in Japan will all be delivered early tomorrow morning - New Year's Day - as that's how the post office here does it, but overseas ones of course arrive at random times ...

I thought it might be interesting to show the blocks ... in closeup! (All these images can be clicked to bring up enlargements.)

I used a special piece of wood for the keyblock this time; a wide piece of boxwood I prepared some years back and which has been 'curing' here on a shelf since then. It's made of two pieces of boxwood jointed together, and laminated to a firm piece of plywood for stability.

I used this wood for both the keyblock, and for the block used to make the karazuri (embossing). The two carved images are placed 'heads and tails' on the wood, with two sets of registration marks. (The funny white 'halo' around the black area is from my attempt to improve the visibility of the deep black area with Photoshop.)

Here are closer images of the two areas; first the keyblock:

And then the karazuri:

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Subject: Work in Progress - Pig
Posted by: Amie Roman

For the last couple of years, we've been going to the local agricultural fairs in the autumn. It's great watching the kids with their animals, plus I take all sorts of heavy equipment (usually heritage tractors) photos. Mom took a few lovely pictures of a sow and her piglets, and this print is from the "extreme closeup" that she took. I think that the print is about 5" square (give or take). Here's the original sketch:

Unfortunately, the following are craptastic photos. I apologize. I'll scan the final when it's dry enough. Our studio only has natural light (great, but insufficient in winter for photography) and overhead fluorescent lights. Everywhere you stand, you cast a shadow over whatever you're working on. Ugh. But I have a great studio, and a great press, so I can't complain too loudly! Anyway, the first layer is a pale pink, second is a light blue. The print is on cream Rising Stonehenge paper, using Daniel Smith water-soluble relief inks.

First layer

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