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From: Rosposfe #
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 03:43:00 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37689] 39 thumbs
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Well, I'm impressed that someone managed to get prints done already for
Exchange 39. While I could've come up easily with a self-portrait, OR a tree
image, OR a long vertical or horizontal --so far a literal attempt at the theme
has me stymied. My kids looking over my shoulder at my various comical
attempts were dismayed,
"Dad, I thought you were going to carve me a Ninja!" exclaimed one.
"Dad, that doesn't look anything like you....why did you draw your arms so fat?"
said another.
I'd hoped to have the carving done by now but I'm still buried in a stack
of bad drawings. I have a couple of decent ideas but they're not translating
well onto paper.
SO, I'm taking my Shina boards and my travel knives with me back to
Florence for the holidays.
Instead of Midnight mass at the Duomo, I'll be staring at my face in the
mirror. That or studying all those Cypresses on the hillsides. Good thing it
gets dark at 4:30pm....there'll be plenty of time left for working.
Hopefully a change of venue will help.

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Subject: M.C. Escher video clip printing 'Snakes'
Posted by: Julio

Rare video of the great late M. C. Escher (1898-1972) doing what would be his last ever print shortly before his death: "Snakes". Notice how he registers the partial block to the printed paper...and that he was left-handed.

For more on 'Snakes' visit this link: "Snakes"

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Subject: object desire
Posted by: Andrew Stone

Inspired loosely by Swiss object posters of the 50's and 60's and more specifically by an Industrial (tractor?) compression coil I saw in a Florence antique shop sitting in a storefront window. It was dramatically illuminated by a theatrical spotlight. Like many objects designed with a purpose it had an inherent beauty in it's form that was increased by the patina its yellow paint had taken on over 50 years or so.
The shop was closed and when I went back again a few days later to enquire about the price ( I didn't really have the money so I went slowly), it was gone. As I am an avid collector of beautiful, but essentially useless things, I was crushed.
So 6 months later, I doodled a spiral, which became a coil, and then a print.
The original was so much more beautiful........

This woodblock print was carved on 6 blocks: 5 poplar and 1 redwood and printed on various Japanese Hosho papers (This Artist Proof was on 100% Gampi) using waterbased ink and hand printed using a Murasaki baren. The dimensions are 10"X15".

This item is taken from the blog Lacrime di Rospo.
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