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Message 1
From: ArtSpotiB #
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2008 22:57:25 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37609] Exchange 38 info. attn Vizra & Pereira!
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Hello Friends.

Well, what a flurry of commentary from compliments regarding slip sheets! Oh
my! I had no idea.

It's a real delight to have handled these wonderful works. They are all
packed up but for scanning the set and creating the colophon. I'd guess that the
unpacking, counting, counting, collating, counting, counting, and final counting
and packup took more than 8 hours spread over several days. Good thing that's
done, as installation for the open studio starts tomorrow for this weekend's
multi artist event. If you're local, we're open noon to 6, Sat/Sun. with a
variety of special gifts for your special friends @ 4219 ML King Jr Way in
Oakland, CA.

Kreiger money discovered deep within her stack of prints. Adler money also
found underneath. Hooray! Vizra and Pereira, let me know where to look, please,
as your money's missing tho the prints themselves are gorgeous. My email is

Folks, make a note that not everyone prints on very thin paper. Allow for
some variation, please, for return shipping size box/packaging. In general how
you sent your prints is how the collection was packed, space allowing. Pateria,
your print was oversized... and may be bent as many participating members'
boxes were not designed for exceptions. I'm sure they'll want you to join in
more exchanges in the future, so watch out for those paper sizes as it's my
impression that coordinators are not supposed to trim prints. Your print is

I gave up my place for a tardy notifier participant, not realizing that there
would be so many drop outs. In thanks to those who were kind enough to
enclose a print for me, I'm sending an extremely limited edition letterpress
postcard for your collection pulled by paintedtonguepress for my "Alaska Journey"
series. The thick black paper is no longer made anywhere in the world. The card
took many runs thru various presses and includes metallic embellishment as well
as letterpress embossing. Only 2 curators own the other copies so far. Should
be worth real money (when I'm dead?) so you might not want to use it as a
postcard. Hope that you like it.

Again, it's delicious to be working with so many beautiful works of art. I'm
currently interviewing artists for June's open studio as I have space to
share. The interviewees universally made a beeline for the big table to see the
visual feast spread upon it. I enjoyed hearing their happy comments... wish you'd
been there to hear them.

ArtSpot Out
BA in studio

"It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and
occupation, which give happiness."
--Thomas Jefferson
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Message 2
From: Julio.Rodriguez #
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 00:17:04 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37610] Re: Happy belated 11th Birthday to Baren
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It went quietly and without a mention online, I myself was off the pc all
during the long holiday weekend here in the US so no email greetings from
me either.

"Hear from you soon..... I hope !"

That was the last sentence in what Dave Bull started eleven years
ago.....Baren !

For those of us that been around since the early days it brings up
feelings that we been part of something very special. I am not sure what
was in Dave's mind when he send out that first Baren message long ago but
for sure the last eleven years speak for themselves. We probably don't say
it enough.... Thanks Dave.....for the idea, for the early work and
guidance, the wonderful book library, those magnificent one-point lessons
and for all the things you continue to do behind the scene to keep this
group going. Thanks also to all the task masters behind the scenes
guiding, the mall, the exchanges, the archives, etc.....
and of course specially to all the members whose postings are the fuel
that keep things moving forward.

To date since 11/27/1997:

37,610 Baren postings, 400+ members world-wide, 45+ formal exchanges
(with an output of approx. 43,000 hand-pulled prints !), archives in two
Art museums, group exhibits in Japan, Israel, Uganda, Scotland, Italy,
England, Australia and about a dozen cities in the continental USA.

Happy Birthday Baren !!!!!

>From: David Bull
>Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 19:25:31 +0900
>Subject: [Baren 0] First Message ...
>Hear ye! Hear ye! (Fanfare ...) Today is hereby proclaimed as the
>birthday of ...
>[Baren] - the mailing list / discussion forum devoted to woodblock
>(Fanfare ...)
> >The list administrator has used his dictatorial and autocratic powers
>and has taken the liberty of giving you an advance subscription to the
>forum, so it will not be necessary for you to actually make the
>subscription application yourself. Simply visit the home page, read the
>instructions, and then make your first post to introduce yourself ...
>Chromoxylographers of the world - UNITE!
>Note: I would like to ask everybody to please refrain from widely
>publicizing this forum for a time ... Until a general tone and style
>has been established, I would like to keep it to a relatively small
>size. After a few weeks (months?) have passed, if all seems to be going
>well, we can then discuss opening up to the outside world, by putting
>links up on our web sites, etc. (Although if you have any friends,
>students, etc. who you particularly feel should be involved now, by all
>means give them the URL of the [Baren] home page, and encourage them to
>Hear from you soon - I hope!
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Message 3
From: aqua4tis #
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 03:08:48 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37611] Re: Happy belated 11th Birthday to Baren
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happy birthday baren!!!?? and many many thank yous dave!!!
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Message 4
From: "Terry Peart"
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 03:31:13 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37612] Giant Washi
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I came upon this site by chance...
If anyone is ever in need of GIANT PAPER, here it is!


West Seattle
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Message 5
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 05:43:01 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37613] Print Alliance
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Here is a message from Carol at the Print Alliance.
Baren belongs to this so that makes all our members eligible for the discount
As everything shrinks, funding for the Alliance had dropped as well and they need your help.
My best to all

Subject: Fall-Winter issue, Contemporary Impressions

Hi printmakers, papermakers and book artists,

The American Print Alliance will be sending out the Fall-Winter issue of Contemporary Impressions in about a week, soon as it arrives from the printer. If you�re not a subscriber, you only have until December 8 to get the 2008 subscription price for this year�s two issues, the extra surprise political print by Art Hazelwood, and a gift print by Yuji Hiratsuka. The four-color etchings with chine coll� show figures in Yuji�s distinctive style, joyfully going about their garden tasks; for a preview peek, go to, select the Gallery and click on Alliance Prints. Or go to the journal index in the Library for a list of the essays, articles and interviews in each issue. This is an amazing deal for $37 or less - only $30 if you�re a member of one of our councils! You can send a check or use your credit card throughPayPal, see our subscription form at

If you are a subscriber and have moved during the year, please send your current mailing address right away to Because the post office is no longer forwarding non-profit mail, if you later request a replacement copy because you didn�t update your address, we�ll have to charge you for another of the prints.

Please consider an end-of-year donation to the Alliance. In the midst of so many price increases (for paper, printing, postage, etc.), we are in desperate need of updating computer equipment and programs. We need volunteers, too, so if you can help locate venues for traveling exhibits, gather information, find funding or advertisers, or can post to our website in DreamWeaver (we especially need someone for a database, probably MySQL), do let me know. Your help will be much appreciated, and you can earn back-issues and prints.

All good wishes for a happy holiday with family and friends and for a healthy, happy and peaceful new year,

Dr. Carol Pulin, director
American Print Alliance,
non-profit consortium of printmakers� councils
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Message 6
From: Peter Kocak
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 07:38:33 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37614] Re: Giant Washi
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thank you very much it is marvelous ..

Peter Koc�k

Digest Appendix

Postings made on [Baren] members' blogs
over the past 24 hours ...

Subject: Shaking Up the Process
Posted by: Annie B

When in doubt, do it again. I re-carved the Mayflower so that it faces left (west). It would have bothered me the other way, no matter how I rationalized it. I also carved a view of the ship from straight ahead. (This is a first proof, and I see that some cleaning up is needed): In the traditional Japanese method of printmaking that I use, a block is carved for each color. Lately I've been

[This was a summary of the original entry. The full entry can be viewed here]

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Subject: Sleigh -- Scan Block
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Back to work on the sleigh after the turkey day holiday. It'll be there soon, maybe this week. Tempus is fugiting.

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Subject: At Samuel P. Taylor State Park
Posted by: Robert Simola

5" x 7" cherry wood print on Somerset paper
with Graphic Chemical Vine Black Ink

My husband, if he comes, will bring raw milk.

The stuff they sell in stores I wouldn't feed

our pigs. We're renting; sort of like a work

exchange. We only have a hundred head

and they belong to Mr. Peterson.

But all the calves are ours. He only wants

the milk and us to keep the place until

it's sold. I hope it doesn't bother you

to look at me; but while I'm camping, well

it hurts to wear my wig. My husband bought

it. See, my hair just doesn't seem to grow

as quickly over steel as over bone.

The doctor said I was suppose to stay

in bed; but bed is boring, lonely too;

so I convinced my husband I could rest

while camping just as well as I could rest

at home. We spent our honeymoon right here.

I hadn't camped before but with the cost

of everything and being out of work,

my husband thought that this would be the best

that we could do. And as it happened, he

was right. We camped beside the stream. I loved

the time we were together, here. You sure

it doesn't bother you to look at me?

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