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Message 1
From: Marilynn Smith
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 14:26:30 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37590] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V45 #4622 (Nov 30, 2008)
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Reading your emails about inconsiderate folks in exchange 38 saddens
me. We have always seemed to be kind and considerate and sharing with
one another. I did a side exchange and chose to wait it out until I
could get all the participants, because it was not a full 31 to begin
with. There were one or two who were a bit feisty about not getting
their prints on time and a few who sent low amounts for postage. I am
not in charge of anything on this list, but folks, remember your
council and exchange coordinators are donating precious time so that
we can have these wonderful exchanges. Look at the benefits we as
Baren members have gotten. If you have been around awhile you have
work in 2 museums. If you did the 911 portfolio you are in the NY
library and some of us are in the virtual museum for the world trade
center. Baren has such a fine reputation that we were included in
member ship for a print society. Barbara, help, can't remember that
name! All this was made possible through our wonderful volunteers. We
have also had 2 summits, with a great deal of learning available and
many great friendships formed. You get 3 to 4 months to do an
exchange, do it on time!!! If you can afford the art supplies to do
your prints than you can afford adequate postage. You should be
thanking our coordinators, not stressing them out by being
inconsiderate. If you have any doubts at all that you might not have
the time to do your prints and get them in on time than do not sign up
or drop out early so your coordinator can find a replacement early
enough not to have to stress out or have a short exchange, that is
considerate to everyone.


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Message 2
From: ArtfulCarol #
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 23:45:13 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37591] Re: New Baren Digest (HTML) V45 #4622 (Nov 30, 2008)
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I thank all the wonderful members, volunteers and coordinators.
Marilynn, very well said.
Who has the patience of our Maria? or any of the other council members?!
And who burns the midnight oil to meet the deadline and not inconvenience
anyone? Most!!
Carol Lyons
Irvington, NY
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Message 3
From: ArtSpotiB #
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2008 08:02:04 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37592] Report on Exchange 38
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OK, here's the scoop.

Thanks to several kind letters from nifty members and a hilarious one from a
past coordinator, my spirits are uplifted and I'm back driving the bus. So
I'll do the full chauffeuring... Just don't call me late ... for dinner.

When the 5 x 15 foot clean table opened up today for a few day's respite, I
got cracking. There's only a small window of time before this weekends' open
house, with guest artists using the space. It took hours to carefully open,
count and recount the prints plus lay them carefully out. All the while enjoying
the show.

25 Bareners print packages are here. Next time someone emails that they are
participating -- who hasn't confirmed -- I'll just chuckle and say "sure, full
to capasity? No way". (I dropped out to give this person a space.) Now, what
do I do with the extras, please? Many sent 30. Please let me know fast, as the
packages need to be out of the way soon.

Thanks for the gracious notes inside the packages from participants. And a
few special goodies too of extra prints.

My dread of "what am I getting into when the deadline is so completely
ignored" was unfounded. I'm a newie and can only judge by what I had experienced so
far. Perhaps its worth mentioning that I've taken in entire international
shows of around 350 artists ... and believe me, coordinating in addition to simple
tasks such as packaging is overly exciting when folks start getting
desperately inventive or sloppy. I'll pop a little article inside each package for your
amusement on that one. Course, those were framed works for exhibition with
many more factors involved beyond a meaningful deadline to deliver to a downtown
San Francisco gallery. Those of us experienced in such get to dreading
strange packing materials, chasing down postage, etc. It's a Nutcracker pillow fight
scene on steroids with those white as snow Styrofoam peanuts.

Now for a few special awards.

The first is for O. Bearinger, who is so prepared that he has a cloth covered
collector's box inside the packaging. No transferring to portfolio for this
man when the package arrives. His collection of your prints, friends, will be
ready for not only great storage but immediate display to viewers.

The "museum level packing job" award is for D. Cutter. The custom fit,
light as a feather packing box has my admiration. A. Stone, who though he
delivered his prints in person, left an assortment of shipping boxes and then a
handmade portfolio box as well as the largest selection of prints (34 as of
current count) deserves the "beyond the call of duty" award. M. Bright's classy
raffia string has the "cheery to see and yet easy to open" award.

Gold starts to those who used slip sheets, whatever the type of paper used.
Especially since some prints stick together a little bit. Those who use thin,
silky, or deckled, fragile papers take note.. slip sheets make the prints so
much more easy to count (and recount) when doing intake. Brownie points to those
who included return shipping labels, tho with a group this small it's not a
noticeable task.

A few get the "ingenuity award" for using USPO boxes but sending them flat as
sandwiches instead. Uh, use tape next time so the return trip can use the
peel and stick function, thanks. Others merit the "no waste environmental
accomplishment" award as no cardboard was killed to add even a half inch on either
end of the print. All came through OK, much to my relief. The earlier "box used
that was too short" disaster award remedied itself thanks to a little bit of
time and pressure under a big book weight. The creases have gone! We have a
larger box awaiting.

And last, but not least, I believe that the box sent from Texas by a Mr.
Hector Cadena, tho announced in the immediate upon arrival updates, surely must be
from Victoria's husband. She's been asked, a happy response is anticipated.

There are two editions variee. It will be fun to circle the table making
piles with a random lottery as to who gets which work printed on what paper. One
particularly evocative piece has pseudo kanji (sp) words that are all different
and fascinating on each print. Look carefully on your own piece and try to
figure out what it might be saying...

Most included either stamps, cash or a check to cover expenses and then some.
My gosh, it means that the coordinator is paid handsomely! I hadn't expected
that. Your generosity will cover the following member's lack of postage tho a
third pass through the boxes may bring missing finances forward.
Pereira (from Brazil)
(If you hid it somewhere special in the package, would you please give me a
clue as to where?)

The bus moves on down the road...

ArtSpot Out
Benny Alba in studio

"It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and
occupation, which give happiness."
--Thomas Jefferson
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Message 4
From: Diane Cutter
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2008 09:39:59 GMT
Subject: [Baren 37593] Re: Report on Exchange 38
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Benny... Thanks so very much for doing this. As a previous coordinator I fully understand your concerns and frustrations. I'm delighted to know my packaging was noteworthy... you made me chuckle. My husband accuses me of using too much tape. I'll tell him of my 'award'.

The surplus prints just go onto the top of the barener's collection. That way the artist has them back to sell, gift, etc.

Again... thank you. You've been a real champ through all this...


>... Now, what do I do with the extras, please? Many sent 30. Please let me know fast, as the packages need to be out of the way soon.